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Try it out and bring it back?! Are the Ikea return lines outside of California different from the rest of the world? They take anywhere between 45 minutes to 1.5 hours to get through, they're loud, there's 3 seats to every 85 people, and usually someone if fighting/angry/crying. Trying to return something to Ikea is the living embodiment of Hell.

Tips for Navigating IKEA In Record Time
3/7/14 04:22 PM

It's also worth pointing out that Young House Love does not intend to use this as a permanent solution. Rather, it's a quick fix until they are ready to install a permanent floor. While particle board, which is what their subfloor is, holds up under carpeting, it would deteriorate relatively quickly if left exposed, sealed or not.

DIY Bathroom Ideas: Stencil Your Tile Floor Young House Love
10/30/13 01:45 PM