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yep, readymade is closing. sorry ya'll.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Goodbye, Domino: Which Magazine Will Replace It ? Conde Nast Closing Domino Magazine
1/29/09 10:33 AM

actually, i'm from saugatuck, and yes, it does look like that photo- blue water, puffy clouds, and sandy dunes. beautiful. and it was on the cover of the travel section of the ny times a couple of sundays ago. i would call that quite an endorsement!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Midwest Vacation DestinationsMidwest Living
8/16/08 07:57 AM

uuuhhh.... i LOVE crested butte. love it. love it. love it. that'd be on my list.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Top 10 Dream Towns Sunset: August 2008
8/2/08 07:33 AM

eastSIDE!!! why? I'm close to friends, close to work, close to a lot in walking distance, close to the subway, and close to a lot to do- hollywood bowl, echo park, silver lake, hollywood, los feliz, and more. I only fill up my car about once a month at that. why? because everything on the east side is so close and easy to get to and lots of it can be done on foot or on the subway. sorry west side, but i agree with others that it is a bit generic. not unlike a suburb. for me, i heart the city, not the 'burbs.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Moving to LA: Picking the Right Neighborhood
7/29/08 08:35 PM

seriously, what do you mean by the Michigan Riviera?

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Modern Lake House by Murdock Young Architects
7/23/08 09:02 PM

i labored over the paint i chose for my living room- i finally picked "the edge of night" by dutch boy. it is a light cool gray with a hint of blue.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | LA Good Question: Perfect Shade of Grey
3/25/08 12:20 PM

i should specify, that i painted pink and white stripes :)

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Look! Pink Bathroom
3/25/08 12:15 PM

when i got this issue, it inspired me to paint 15" horizontal stripes down my 26' hallway. i love it!!!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Look! Pink Bathroom
3/25/08 12:13 PM

renegade handmade on division is a great selection of handmade goods!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Domino Wants to Know: Cool Shops in Chicago?
3/20/08 03:48 PM


Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | No Effing Way: South Pasadena Is A Cuss-Free Zone
3/18/08 08:05 AM

now- the recessed lighting for me is the clincher. that and the photo quality.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Guess The Decade: Blue Kitchen
2/29/08 06:57 PM

ooh i love this set! the colors will look amazing in my bedroom!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | LA Thursday Giveaway: 02.28.08
2/28/08 03:42 PM

i know jenny, and can vouch for her work, and just how painfully cool she is in person. she is a rockstar.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Sublime Stitching: Rock n' Roll Embroidery
2/28/08 11:17 AM

if downtown LA came with the same perks as, say the West Village in New York, then the cost would be worth it. but it's cheaper and you get a whole lot more neighborhood for your money if you live even 5 minutes west of downtown. I don't know who is going to rent these.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Metro 417 Apartment: 345 sq. ft of...Luxury Living?
2/25/08 04:16 PM

i just recently moved as well, and used all recycled boxes found on craigslist. do a search under free for moving boxes, and i promise you'll find a bunch. not only did i not have to kill more trees, they were free! not that moving boxes are that expensive, but i hate buying something that i'm just going to use once and get rid of. such a waste. then when you're done, you can pass them on to someone else moving as well. it feels so good.

oh, and hiring movers is the way to go. i hired men to load and unload, then i drove the truck myself. it was a lot cheaper than hiring someone to drive the truck and do the loading/unloading.

good luck!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Our Best Moving Tips
2/7/08 10:51 AM

i am looking for a new mattress. any suggestions on a place to find one in LA? there are thousands of mattress stores, and it is a bit overwhelming. ideally i'd like to spend as little as possible, but get something good. any help?

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | LA Open Thread #57
2/7/08 06:56 AM

this store is in a stretch of super expensive and high-end boutiques. there's no reason it wouldn't have worked. so who knows what is going on here.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Ty Pennington's ADHD Store: Out of Business?
2/5/08 08:08 AM