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The Lotte/Turi 'Fish Market" china was the pattern I grew up with: both my parents and my great aunt had full sets. Loved as a 10 year old, ambivalent when I was 20, love again now I'm in my 30s.

Scandinavian Figurative: Bjorn Wiinblad & Lotte/Turi
8/10/10 03:02 PM

The animal doesn't have to be dead, by the way. Probably not the same problem you have, but an otter was living under our summer cabin for a short time last month. WHEW! Bad, bad smells.

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5/6/09 01:32 AM

Bite-size cheesecake is just around the corner:


Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Trend Watch: Is the Cupcake Fad Nearing an End?
9/21/08 05:01 AM

"rush hour" can differ depending on time zones and route... Perhaps my travel finds me crossing int'l borders more than this post was intended for, but I try to avoid returning to my airport from outside the country between noon and 3pm, when I know the big 747s from overseas are arriving and will unload their passengers in the customs hall, resulting in long lines post-flight...

Apartment Therapy Chicago | How To: Get Through the Airport Fast
8/26/08 09:54 PM

I love the "if there was a fire, what would I take" theory. Up til recently it would just be photos and a change of clothes for me too.

But I really love my insanely georgeous and memory-collecting dining room table. It cost a fortune, weighs a tonne and if there's a fire it would burn baby, burn. It would be hard to walk away from that.

So me and my dining room table, going down together. That's the only 'stuff' I'm really attached to.

Apartment Therapy New York | Survey: Are You Irrationally Attached to Your Stuff? The Economist, 6.9.08
8/24/08 06:36 PM

Love the glue tip, msheidi104! Thanks!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Making IKEA Less Painful
8/24/08 01:14 PM

Keep the radio on 24/7 - just loud enough to be heard at the door/windows.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Escapes: Preventing a Burglary While You're Away
8/23/08 08:35 PM

I travel a lot so quick, efficient packing is key... if I devoted more than 30 minutes for each trip I would likely lose days of my life I could never get back. My little mental exercise is to think of each of my body parts and then pack the associative item: ie, feet = socks, shoes; legs = skirts/pants; teeth = toothbrush/paste. Silly but it works.

The real trick is not so much packing, but keeping luggage contents under control when travelling. Haven't really perfected a solution but the basics are to never leave with a full bag 'cause contents always expand, and include empty extra stuff-sack for laundry helps avoid the sniff test.

At the end of the day, as long as I have my wallet and passport everything else can generally be found on the road. The best advice I've ever heard? Plan it all out, then take half as much stuff and twice as much money.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | What's Your Luggage Packing Style?
8/15/08 05:19 PM