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Hard to tell with the limited pics. But...
Remove exhaust hood and cabinet over stove, replace with
or the like. Use that removed cabinet elsewhere.. perhaps on top of one of the other wall cabinets to add height. Same for the small cabinet above the sink, remove it and use it some where else, over the sink do simple open shelves. The window looks ripe for an herb garden,, get creative, suspended from the ceiling maybe. and perhaps a pot rack.
Find some way to lighten the dark tile floor (paint? rugs?) Is there room for a butcher block work station in the center of the kitchen?
Life in it, cook in it, make it work for you... good luck. and more pics when you're happier with it please.

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9/21/11 09:30 AM

Is this a Rocio Romero LV series home?

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5/25/11 03:33 PM

there's nothing else going on around it- it needs to be 'in play'...
wall color, wood-toned blinds, artwork, perhaps a sofa table behind it with some lamps, patterned throw pillows, etc.

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5/5/11 08:35 PM

Glass ceiling in the half bath..? Way cool use of clerestory windows to bring light into the kitchen from the front of the house.

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5/2/11 04:45 PM

this is a phenomenal apartment. Gorgeous and huge! Would love to see more pics, especially some before & afters ...

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4/15/11 01:14 PM

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