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Grand Rapids is great! Take for example Art Prize, which is happening now...

Pop Quiz: Which U.S. City Is Known as "Furniture City"?
9/28/12 10:50 PM

Just have to point out that there are some huge, huge lakes here in the Midwest, we're not totally coastless- we are saltless though...

The Daily Scavenger: Midwest Edition

10/27/11 10:44 PM

I also use a lot of glass too, but reading this article made me think- Does anyone else think it's ironic that we are worried about possible side effects of miniscule amounts of hormone-like chemicals leaching from plastic containers when millions of women take birth control with much higher amount of synthetic hormones- with proven negative side effects? Just sayin....

Beyond BPA: Why to Avoid Plastic Food Containers

7/29/11 10:02 PM