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All, thanks for the comments. I love feedback and dialogue.

About the "beige," we bought the house turn key, we did not paint, the paint was applied by professionals and would have to be seen to be appreciated in terms of application. The house faces west and the morning and evening light is amazing, in part due to the color.

With the sale of our previous house we invested in furniture we have coveted over the years. Prior, our "buys" consisted of lots of shopping and hunting for bargains wherever we went. Also, trading art for. . . You wouldn't believe the low prices for some of the items we own. The hunt and score is part of the satisfaction.

The "landscaping" is taking a muddy, grassless yard to a dense planting of trees, grasses, perennials (sic), and a few large rocks. These things take time.

The pillow cases are from the Museum of Modern Art in Paris.

Interestingly, no one who has used our bathroom, has ever commented on the roach stencils done by one of my favorite students.

This is not decorating but an assemblage of items we love made by people we love and/or know and love. Each piece has a story and history. Our space evolves, the dynamics and the conversations held within these walls are priceless. You're invited.

Thanks again. Don Lee

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