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i have one of his little cutout story

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4/27/11 01:13 PM

This isnt for everyone, but i play worship music while i'm preparing for guests to come over. It helps me shed a layer of self-focusedness/ the grumps/ criticalness/ whatever so that i can be warmer host and more attuned to the people i'm wanting to make feel loved and welcomed. And on a more practical note, my husband and i try to keep a healthy stock of beer on hand. Other friends of ours can hold down the wine fort -- we're the beer people. And another thing: who doesn't love seeing a picture of themselves when they arrive at someone else's home? I do. So we try to display framed photos of most of the people we know (especially those who are likely to drop by)... so they feel valued. I cant wait to read more posts.

Home is Where the Heart Is: What Makes a Home a "Home"
4/27/11 11:13 AM

I know I'm jumping in a bit late to this thread, but I have to agree that when I was 8,this room would have been a dream. I have two darling nieces (7 and 9), and both of them would swoon over a room like this - partly because this room is so gorgeous and partly because their mother has instilled in them parts of her own aesthetic. I suspect this is he same in Isabella's case, and there is nothing wrong with a child having sensible taste. I'm sure she has plenty of toys and imaginative little do-dads and wouldn't be whipped if she played with markers in her room. That is silliness. Bravo, Isabella's mom. Don't listen to the haters.
PS I love your blog. Found it the other day.:)

Isabella's Beautiful Blue Bedroom
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4/16/11 12:22 PM