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Lord, until I looked at the link for the Viking, I was afraid it had fan blades along with the crazy hot surface. On my porch there is an old school fan that looks like this Viking, but we don't turn it on if anyone under the age of 15 is within thirty feet because they won't lose 1 finger, they're going too lose 3 or 4.

But, the Viking is so pretty, the prettiest of the bunch, but I wouldn't be able to even plug it in without cold sweats.

Hot Heaters: Slick Space Heaters
1/20/12 01:33 AM

My parents are getting ready to sell their house, and the tiles in their room are an absolute must fix before listing the property (both because their ugly and because they show some of the damage from a roof leak we had years ago).

Thing is, they've got a 1920s house with the original lathe and plaster walls and ceilings. Just drilling a hole in that stuff is a nightmare. Dad suspects the tiles are glued to the ceiling (rather than tacked up, which would involve so much damage to the plaster it wouldn't have been worth it) so he's not sure how to either get them down or cover them up without plaster dust everywhere.

(He has further support for his glue theory because else where in the house are other half-assed modifications, such as drywall in the kitchen that was put directly on top of the plaster and cut out around the cabinets, rather than taking the cabinets down and doing it right.)

A Bedroom Eyesore: Ceiling Tiles
7/20/11 04:53 PM

It's called Kew, after following up on Zil's tip, I found the website where you can order it:

They've got some other really neat wallpaper, too.

Source Of Wallpaper?
Good Questions

4/4/11 10:05 AM