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this is awesome! such creative use of a tiny space and with such attention to quality and detail. mind blowing.

64 Square Feet: Writer Lived Inside Astor Place Cube in New York City
10/1/13 03:40 PM

some great ideas. i especially like the cones; how simple!!

i mentioned this in a similar post last year, but now i have some photos!

Ten DIY Advent Calendars
11/18/12 03:27 AM

what an interesting project and i love what you achieved. so spacious and airy!

A Family Home in IJburg House Call
9/5/12 07:35 AM

@DANGAB33, i'm not sure if this answers your question. unless the clock has been hung wonky, it should read just like any other clock. so the one in the picture says about 10 past 3. just ignore the white pattern behind and pretend like the numbers are in their normal places.

DIY Wall Clock Projects for Every Style
8/23/12 07:06 AM

crikey, digital detective?? ;0)

DIY Wall Clock Projects for Every Style
8/22/12 03:19 PM

that is ace!

Color Story: Orange, Gray & Blue for a Tween Boy
8/22/12 02:31 PM

can't say i ever thought of blowing air OUT of the window... sure wish i'd had this tip on saturday when the heat had me hiding in my hall (the only room in our flat without windows)... one to try this weekend.

Cool Off With One Easy Trick Real Simple
8/22/12 02:30 PM

i'm obsessed with clocks. i'd have one on every wall if i had my way, but the price tags can be prescriptive, so thanks for this! i made a clock from a bicycle chainring when i was at uni, but maybe it's time to add something more (grown up?) to the collection?? hmmmm....

DIY Wall Clock Projects for Every Style
8/22/12 02:10 PM

oh i love this, but then i'm already a fan of pink in the hallway!! ;0)

however, i also agree that a less shiny paint might have worked better and i probably would have left the ceiling white too.

Lisa's Pretty In Pink: Before & After Glidden Paint's Renters Get Rolling
8/20/12 06:42 AM

@ECUADORIANA1, your laundry sounds awesome. do you have any pics?

i'm a fan of the old dignitet system myself...

Inspiration Boards: Keep It Simple with String
8/10/12 11:17 AM

YES! perfect timing AT!

hi all, my name is shel and i'm a... lawyer. so, while i'm sure i'd have plenty of crazy tales to tell if they weren't all confidential, i have absolutely no outlet for my creativity in my day job. none.

my husband suggested i blog. i thought it was daft. who would want to read it? why write something that no one wants to read? can i write about anything... and everything? should posts be sagas or snippets? same issues y'all seem to have been battling with. not to mention i used up over 1% of my storage space in my first day before husband pointed out i had to resize photos! oops.

well, here's my little piece of the interwebs for what it's worth. pop on over for a look around. it has been wonderful getting a glimpse into your worlds. @urbancricket, i want your monkey!!

Starting Your Own Blog? Pick a Topic You'll Stick With
8/4/12 04:51 AM

well Christmas is my favourite time of year ;0)... the lamp is the 'take' lamp from kartell.

Shel's Lively Personality Kitchen Small Cool Kitchens 2012
8/2/12 03:32 AM

thank you for all the wonderful comments and, of corse, your votes everyone!! :0)

Shel's Lively Personality Kitchen Small Cool Kitchens 2012
8/2/12 02:26 AM

knew from the moment your entry came in, you'd be the one to beat! keep climbing!!

Annie's Charming, Budget Berlin Kitchen Small Cool Kitchens 2012
8/1/12 03:44 PM

stylish, stunning, striking, and completely awesome.

Maria's Glamorous Fashion-Inspired Flat House Tour
8/1/12 03:07 AM

all i can say is, good luck getting to spitalfields market over the next few weeks!! ;0)

Livin' La Vida London: 8 Quirky English Shops from Our Marktplace Weekend Shoppers Guide
7/28/12 06:23 PM

wow, nice!

Emilie's Stylish and Tidy Swiss Kitchen Small Cool Kitchens 2012
7/28/12 06:20 PM

what a beautiful little home!! also really liked all the photos in this tour. not a duff one in there!

JoAnn's Creature Comforts House Tour
7/28/12 07:12 AM

ooooh, i never thought of painting just the bottom of the wall. that would make things easier with our high ceilings!

Paint Outside the Box: 10 Unconventional Ways to Paint Your Rooms
7/26/12 04:29 PM

yay, colour!!!!!!!!

Gail's Sassy Green Rental Kitchen Small Cool Kitchens 2012
7/26/12 04:26 PM