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It is obvious that people do have different expectations but it has nothing to do with being spoiled. I have three extra bedrooms now because my husband and I are empty-nesters. But we moved into this house the day we got back from honeymoon, it was a filthy 100 year old wreck of a place with rats, mice, snakes, lizards, cats, and maggots but we cleaned it and restored it, and I intend to spend the rest of my life here. Any friend of mine who needs a place to go knows where I live and is welcome to stay as long as they need or want. They can visit with me in the parlor or in the living room or they can have some time to themselves in the library. They can breakfast with Mr.P in the breakfast room, lunch at the kitchen counter, and we'll dine in the superfluous dining room. Afterward on a soft evening we can sit in the front porch swing or if the mosquitoes are bad we can move to the screened in porch. Yes, I have wasted space and room to spare but it is much less waste than the house down the road that has stood empty and falling further into ruin these 25 years. But someone who lives in LA inherited that house, and they are paying property taxes almost as high as mine, they want to sell it but don't understand or won't face up to the difference in property values. We have worked on our house every one of the 25 years we've been here and we still have plans -- what we've never had is a mortgage because the place was cheaper than our first car together. It depends on where you live and what phase pf life you are in whether you have "extra" bedrooms or not. And no matter how you are using it or how you style it a bedroom is still a bedroom, Especially when you go to sell it!

The Case Against the Guest Bedroom
from The Rammed Earth House by David Easton

4/4/11 06:20 PM

Marian & Sig,
What a great place and great choice of colors and textures! This must be a space to live and work in!

Sad to say but your dining room art people look like they are wearing the drum shades. . Maybe it is just the angle of the photo. Or maybe they are mostly viewed from sitting down or a different angle. Wow! Really great art!

Also the art over the sofa has lost all of its impact as juxtaposed to the bright, graphic Adidas print. It needs to be on a wall without a large piece of furniture between it and the viewer so it can be appreciated. I hope you find another great piece for above the sofa in the future.

Your home is just phenomenal! ENJOY IT.
All the best to you!

Marian & Sig's Awesome Apartment
House Call

4/4/11 11:27 AM

You people are way spooky about these shelves! Get over it and learn to attach things as firmly to your shelves as you do to your walls. Then your head will rest easy on your pillow at night whether your favorite vase is over your bed or in your hall.

AJ, you are gifted at putting a lovely room together and I don't find much fault with either. So you will get mostly comments on which style an individual prefers. I love to look at clean lines but prefer to live with coziness. I really wish I knew what was in the area where the desk and shelves are now. Why did you crop that area from the "before" pic. It really isn't "before"and "after" unless you get the full picture.

So many of these people must be rank amateurs to critique the mixture of styles in the "after" room. Mixing styles is a 101 level design technique and without it the world would be homogenous and borrrrrrring! Your vintage pieces work quite perfectly with the clean, modern elements in the make-over version of your room. I love the graphic orange punch of the comforter against the variety of neutral hues. The orange bound books are perfect as is the bit of blue. I think you need a third small hit of orange over on shelves and a tiny snatch of blue above the bed. Of course I'm just looking at this vignette and not seeing the rest of the room which I imagine is just as well decorated. So forget me and ENJOY IT!

All the best to you!

Before & After: AJ Takes His Bedroom from Drab to Fab
Handjobs (For the Home)

4/4/11 10:46 AM

I so agree with sandsdesign! It looks like Marlous & Pim have created a great place to live. So give praise where praise is due, and we have plenty of that here. But from a design standpoint there is room for criticism yet here we find none, nada, zilch, zero! What's up? Have all Americans suddenly started following their mother's advice? "If you can't say something nice then don't say anything at all." I really wish I could just find it refreshing that Americans are behaving well and no one is running us down. I don't want to be skeptical! But I truly believe if Marlous & Pim were American and their home was in NY they would have negative comments. I think Americans are sycophantic towards Europeans because they see them as more sophisticated.

Personally, I've always listened to my mother because she threatened me about what would happen when I grew up and had my own children. And she was so right!

Marlous & Pim, none of that has anything to do with you. Your house is so nice, open, and light. Most of my home is cool and tends to be dark but I have one large bright room where we spend most of our time. Your living room carpet is just the type I would like to find but decorating with a floral carpet can get tricky. I adore the fat cats by your dining room hutch! Those would make me happy every day. Are they ceramic? I have a large crocheted throw that looks identical to the one on your bed, it was a wedding present almost 25 years ago. Now it is an heirloom.
All the best to you AND to all the kind people here!
(But I still think the Americans are acting strange.)

Marlous & Pim's Sunny Dutch Home
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4/3/11 11:39 PM