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And don't forget the sunscreen.

30 Things Readers Wish They Would Have Known
8/6/11 09:51 PM

It's totally something you'd find in Austin.

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8/6/11 09:44 PM

Honestly, sometimes it's better than nothing.

Loose-Fitting Slipcovers: Shabby or Chic?
8/6/11 09:42 PM

I did a mural where I sketched on parts in sharpie which was fine until I painted over it and the sharpie kept bleeding through the primer and the paint no matter how many coats. I think it was as many as eight and you can still see it if the light is right and you're looking for it.

I would not recommend it.

Birch Inspired Wallpaper Ideas for Almost Any Room
7/29/11 10:01 PM

These are nice. The older I get the less I like living in the city.

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7/29/11 09:52 PM

I love it.

Before & After: A Sad Chair's New Life

7/29/11 09:51 PM

I like it the way it is. Just keep the walls around it plain.

Suggestions For Living Room & Fireplace Makeover?
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7/29/11 09:49 PM

I dry my clothes outside as often as possible because they smell better and it's super cheap. Actually here in Texas the summer has been so dry they dry faster outside than my dryer can do it.

Laundromat vs. Home Laundry: Which Is More Frugal?
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7/29/11 09:47 PM