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Thank you for posting the recipe..

Unfortunately, I can't seem to get these to turn out right!!

I absolutely love maduros, and I like them to be soft, squishy inside, and nicely carmelized outside. Exactly as pictured here! My plantain looked identical - black on the outside, a slight orange-y look inside since it was so ripe. I used a cast iron skillet with the right amount of oil, and I cooked them as per instruction.. However, they are not softening at all. They are hard, sorta crispy on the outside, and taste mealy. :/

Please help if you can!

Thank you!

Recipe: Sweet Fried Plantains (Plátanos Maduros)
9/8/12 12:42 PM

We have a pretty tiny kitchen, but luckily it's nice and square.
We have the trash/recycling next to the back door (it really doesn't smell since my husband takes it out almost daily..).
But - we had a problem going through kitchen towels since we try not to use paper towels. I got on of these:

and stuck one under the sink cabinet to toss dirty towels in. It keeps us a little bit more sane.

How To Organize Waste in a Small Kitchen
4/3/11 02:29 PM