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More photos of the apt can be seen here: http://www.michaelmohrphoto.com/Michael_Mohr_Photography/NYC_Apt.html

Michael's Mini Manhattan Home
5/6/11 12:17 PM

1005! Congrats!

Jordan's Light, Location & Vibe
4/27/11 10:37 AM

Link to more images of my apartment:


Michael's Mini Manhattan Home
4/21/11 10:52 AM

VLucius, and others, I finally posted a gallery of additional apartment images to my website. I included a shot that shows the television, and how it pivots in and out of the closet. I really love this aspect of our apt, because I don't like having my entire living space centered around a television. Here is the link: http://michaelmohrphoto.com/Michael_Mohr_Photography/NYC_Apt.html

Michael's Mini Manhattan Home
4/21/11 10:15 AM

mellowhome --- thanks for registering just to comment. A few people have commented that we have stark white walls and dark furniture. It's funny, because it's never occurred to us that it is an uncommonly "dark" design style. As a photographer, I need a lot of natural light and bright space to keep me happy during those winter months, but we love rich wood furniture, so somehow this is the design we leaned towards. And thanks for noticing the plants and nature photos---we love nature, and the only thing we find missing in this apartment is a small outdoor space.

Michael's Mini Manhattan Home
4/19/11 08:47 PM

suziwest7 Hi! I agree with you wholeheartedly about living small. We love that we have kept our living expenses relatively low for living in NYC. We do appreciate that living small forces us to get out a lot, but we also really love staying home and having friends over or relaxing on the sofa reading. In some ways, we are home bodies in NYC. :) And yes, you are right, commenting is a part-time job---we were out of town for just a few days, and we are now behind on responding!

Michael's Mini Manhattan Home
4/19/11 08:38 PM

bettty33 -- I do live here. :)

Michael's Mini Manhattan Home
4/19/11 08:35 PM

Thanks ALL for your comments. We have been in this apartment for five years now, and we recently debated moving so that we could have outdoor space. When it came down to it, we simply could not move. We discovered that we would miss this little place---despite its teeny tiny dimensions, it's become home. We realize we like having everything in such close proximity, and don't see a need for more space, or more possessions, for that matter. Now, your comments have made us value our space all the more. Thank you.

Michael's Mini Manhattan Home
4/19/11 08:33 PM

azaleasmoke, I can definitely send you some photographs, once we have done the kitchen. We are going to be contacting our landlord soon to see if he will approve the painting of the cabinets/walls. Thanks again for the idea.

Michael's Mini Manhattan Home
4/19/11 08:28 PM

Jordan, I saw the comment you posted on my wall...thanks! We are pretty excited to have passed 1000, but we realize that there are still many days to go. Not to mention that the competition is strong. :)

Congratulations to you for entering late, and getting to the top of your category so quickly! I'm not surprise though, as your place looks amazing.

Jordan's Light, Location & Vibe
4/18/11 07:55 AM

Thanks for your comment, Jordan. We absolutely love your place and are inspired by the mix of modern and antique. Thanks for your vote. We couldn't help but vote for you too.

Jordan's Light, Location & Vibe
4/13/11 09:45 PM

bekkamero -- The wall creating the bedroom is not original; the apartment is in a brownstone on the Upper West Side, renovated from a single-family home into 8 nearly identical, one-bedroom apartments at some point in the 1960's.

Leitho -- you are right about the fuse box...nice guess!

lightsurfer -- The sleeper sofa is the PB Basic from Pottery Barn. After trying sofa beds all over the city, we went with this one because it is super comfortable as a sofa and the most comfortable sofa bed we've ever slept in. Strangely enough Ektorp sofa covers from Ikea fit the sofa perfectly, which means that if wine is spilled on it and the stain won't come out, we can purchase another slipcover for $50—they are that cheap!

Michael's Mini Manhattan Home
4/9/11 09:44 AM

That mirror over the sofa is insane. I need three of them! :)

Angela's Posh Pad
House Tour

4/7/11 11:20 PM

Azeleasmoke -- We love the idea of repainting the cabinets in the kitchen and will definitely take you up on your advice! You are right, it doesn't cost much, and would make the kitchen space much more interesting. Exciting -- another project :)

Michael's Mini Manhattan Home
4/6/11 07:31 PM

Lisa (Montreal) -- I suppose it seems hard to believe but we did in fact measure correctly. My wife even made me re-measure this evening, and we were right the first time around. We decorated specifically so that we would leave open the floor space. And I have to give it to the person who designed the renovation of this brownstone -- there is no wasted space in this apartment. Also, shooting with my 16mm lens allowed me to capture a broader range of field.

Michael's Mini Manhattan Home
4/6/11 07:28 PM

Thanks for the comments, everyone. I particularly appreciate the comments about the apartment having character, because every piece we own has some meaning to us---the piano bench we bought for $10 and recovered with a textile we bought traveling; the headboard made from old siding from my in-law's house (which when we tired of the painted look we recovered with extra material from the living room curtains); the armoire we hauled up from our hometown in Louisiana. We like coming home to a space of memories.

misha bk, muttnik, ofelia -- I regret not posting a picture of the storage piece. I'll try to take a picture this weekend and post it to my personal website: michaelmohrphoto.com -- I'll let you know when it's live.

katielou -- the living room is 10'1'' x 15' and the bedroom is 7'3'' x 15'

rexrayfan -- you are right, there isn't a lot of decor in the bathroom/kitchen. We haven't wanted to do a lot with those since we rent and don't want to invest too much money redoing cabinets and counters, although it would look much nicer. Instead we have added shelving (bathroom) and furniture and hanging pot rack (kitchen) that help make it more functional.

thorndale -- yes the small table in the living room fits four....four very close friends. :) As for the kitchen, we've forgone all appliances other than a coffee maker to maximize counter space, and we repainted an old shallow hutch which provides additional storage and working space.

anskofguy -- It's always fun having people say the apartment feels larger than it is, and you've said it in a way that I'm sure I'll remember. Other than our sofa and bed, we've tried to get pieces that have tall legs to provide an illusion of more space, and we've tried to build up instead of out, hence the wingbacks and the bookcase, which is 8 feet tall and rather shallow.

Michael's Mini Manhattan Home
4/5/11 10:43 PM

My wife found the bench at a junk shop in High Falls, NY. I almost vetoed bringing it in the apartment because it was in such bad shape, but we sanded the paint off and stained it, and now we both love it.

Michael's Mini Manhattan Home
4/5/11 12:54 PM

Yeah, I would have preferred a different picture for the fifth shot -- had plenty -- but I included it so you would know that we did indeed have a kitchen and bathroom. :)

Michael's Mini Manhattan Home
4/5/11 12:24 PM