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SUMMILUX35 : Looking froward to it.

Living Inside the Vitsoe LA Showroom
4/13/12 01:49 PM

@SUMMILUX35 : Well put with your last sentence! You are correct, music certainly matters to me. (It's my other life, in fact) I find my records far faster when I sort them by color, probably not as fast as if I had them sorted alphabetically, but that's a task I don't want to undertake at the moment. Not going to lie though, a white label 12" might take longer to find! That room is full of black and silver audio gear, it certainly doesn't hurt to have that splash of color.

Living Inside the Vitsoe LA Showroom
4/13/12 02:07 AM

I expected this to come up!

These books are just to show the shelves fully loaded here in our shop. They came from The Strand here in NYC, books by the foot, and are a polarizing mashup of hilarious titles. 

We decided we'd rather have people looking at our shelves themselves, rather than get distracted by multiple copies of Sally Jessy Raphael's biography!

As we are a shelving/furniture shop, I'd be more concerned if our cabinets and shelves were mounted backwards. :)

Rob Fissmer of Vitsoe: On the Value of Adaptive Systems
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4/2/11 01:52 AM