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I appreciate the look of no upper cabs, but I always wonder about task lighting. I love our undercabinet lighting and use it more than overhead ceiling light. Even with large windows for daylight, I think I'd miss the UCL.

Renovation Inspiration: 10 Beautiful Kitchens with No Upper Cabinets
5/1/14 09:26 PM

Love James Cobalt's idea. The blue skylights will probably cast blue around the room without having the hassle and in-your-faceness of blue walls.

There's a lot going on in this room and unless there is an element you love and want to draw attention to, I wouldn't do any accent walls.

Where Should I Paint Blue Accents? Good Questions
4/30/14 04:55 PM

Perhaps my favorite tour. This is how I want our house to feel - truly HOME.

Chelsea & Matthew's Creative \"How-to\" Home House Tour
4/21/14 11:26 PM

If there is no door in what you've designated as the dining room, I'd consider putting the couch in front of what looks like a window (bonus is being able to see the door from the sofa) and put the tv on the opposite wall.

Alternatively, you could put the sofa perpendicular to the wall and next to the door (creating a more separate entryway) with the TV in front of the window or angled in that living room corner. If the TV is in the corner, perhaps that leaves studio room between the windows?

I agree that a couple doesnt need such a big table a 36 inch is plenty. When we feed larger groups, we just add folding card tables to the ends of our dining table and a tablecloth over the whole thing (we're not fancy entertainers by any stretch, though.)

Better Living Room Layout Ideas? Good Questions
4/15/14 11:11 PM

This seems totally reasonable to me and I live in Portland, Oregon. The cost of demo and cabinet assembly/install alone is $5650. The appliances are new high-end, she's not living there during renovation and she's hiring professional designers. Many DIYers in non-NYC areas of the country might not have these costs, around $15,000. I appreciate that you're sharing your renovation with us, Jennifer. I'm excited to following along.

The Budget for Jennifer's Small Space Kitchen Renovation Renovation Diary
4/10/14 09:27 PM

What a wonderful photo of you and your dad! I have similar photos; my parents built their house in 1981 when I was five. My folks built the house upon the foundation of my grandparents homestead. Our roots run deep on that property and it's going to feel like a death if/when it's sold.

When Your Home is Like a Member of the Family
4/10/14 08:52 PM

It's hard for me to read, but if your living room is 18' x14' and the couch is 10'x? L shaped sectional PeePop is right - I don't think you can make it work.

I owned a condo with a corner fireplace and I found it to be more of a curse than a blessing - the acquaintance who bought the unit from me actually removed the fireplace as one of her first home improvement projects! I wish I would have thought to do it.

It sounds radical and many would say it's awful advice, but after trying for five years to get a corner fireplace to make sense in my condo and then seeing the benefits of removing it, I'd take the fireplace out and put your sectional in the corner. It'll give you a lot more floor space for your sweet girl to play and you'll be able to see her playing on the floor from the kitchen. Also, the TV might fit nicely in the corner area between the entrance hall and the kitchen.

Furniture Arrangement in Living Room with Short, Angled Walls? Good Questions
4/3/14 05:53 PM

We recently discovered Ms. Jenkins' music by listening to the iTunes Radio Kindergarten Sing-Alongs station. She has quickly become a beloved favorite in our house and I'm looking forward to checking out this album. Thank you AT for letting us know about her new release.

Recommended Listening: Ella Jenkins, \"The First Lady of the Children's Folk Song\"
1/28/14 01:23 PM

We have the simple human with three dispensers. It was like $60 and it rusted. In our other shower we have a plastic one that takes up less space, with an optional corner mount and it was only around $20 a few years ago - I definitely prefer the cheap one (Aviva trio dispenser.)

One Minute Tip: Brett's See-Through Shower Solution Apartment Therapy Videos
11/13/13 03:03 PM

We all use the same body wash/shampoo/conditioner and love the space freed up by using a wall mounted dispenser in the shower. Do not waste $60+ on the simple human chrome item, it water spotted and rusted. This one is 40 bucks cheaper and looks much better after 3 years than the SH dispenser:

Save Our Shower!: 3 Small Space Helpers No Cramped Family Should Live Without
9/17/13 08:32 PM

There are so many good suggestions above. I have a 4 year old and 1 year old and I empathize with how kids stuff takes over. I've tried many play area arrangements and finally scrapped everything and found a great solution for us you might consider: one 8-cube (2 high, 4 across) expedit type if shelving unit with 8 canvas bins, an easel, and painter's tape on the floor designating the area toys are allowed. Thats it. I am still amazed how much those bins hold; each is labeled with a name and clip art of contents (blocks, dolls, tea party, etc.) Each kid plays differently, but my daughter builds elaborate kingdoms and tea parties on the floor and I'm happy to let her leave those toys out one day to the next as long as they stay confined to her area inside the tape. Crafts and projects can be set on top of the shelf unit and paintings/drawings made in the easel are hung above the shelves on ikea wires. Personally, I'd designate the kids area to be in the corner where the current shelf is since its across from the doorway to the kitchen so they're near where you're cooking.

Where To Put \"Kid Zone\" in Our Living Room? Good Questions
7/20/13 01:20 AM

My first consideration - if space and budget allow - would be to hang interesting/ sculptural light fixtures that cast nice light patterns on the walls rather than just decorate the walls. A Home By Novogratz pendant installation was the first thing that came to mind

Ideas for Decorating a HUGE Blank Wall? Good Questions
7/9/13 06:22 PM

Oh, man. Lisa LaPorta in Designed to Sell was back in the hey day of HGTV. Loved her! Also, I think I have every episode of Secrets of a Stylist and Curb Appeal: The Block memorized. Curb Appeal was sadly canceled and I fear Emily's show met the same fate. We got rid of satellite TV months ago and the only show with new episodes I'm sad to miss is Nicole Curtis' Rehab Addict; what a great show.

If you love Emily Henderson, you should check out and subscribe to her
and her YouTube channel:

She is so talented and just a pleasure to read and watch.

Home Improvement Shows: How Real is Reality TV?
6/20/13 10:02 PM

Lots of lamps should help it feel cozier and homey-er. 5-6 in your main living space would not be too many. It's amazing what lighting can do.

Make My Apartment Feel More Like a Home?
Good Questions

12/12/11 08:44 PM

Also, you didn't mention how you feel about the shutters. I think shutters seem appropriate on the two windows above the garage, they just might look better about twice as wide as they currently are in a color that references the brick.

Suggestions on Garage Door and Driveway Replacement?
Good Questions

12/7/11 07:00 AM

Congratulations! What a great house. Unless something is structurally necessary, I would hold off on any major projects for at least 6-12 months. In the meantime, winter is a great time to spruce up the interior and gather ideas for improving curb appeal.

A simple update would be to remove the 45 degree angles on the garage door openings; in our area those are quite common to 1990. I agree that the garage doors should be the same color as the body. Your entry is rather dark and confusing, so that might be the best place to start with exterior cosmetics.

I think a consultation with a landscape designer would be money well spent to create a more grand approach to your front door. We recently met with a pro who charged $175 for two hours, which seems reasonable to us as we learned a ton and I'm sure she saved us that much in mistakes we'll avoid.

Suggestions on Garage Door and Driveway Replacement?
Good Questions

12/7/11 06:54 AM

We live on a corner too and our house is large in relation to the lot. I think going dark us a great idea - that's what we did and u think it helps the house visibly recede a bit. We used wherein Williams thunderous (a dark cool gray-green) on the body, downing sand under the eaves and the trim, and brandywine (an orange) on the door. With a bigger house on a corner the bright door really leads the eye to the entrance that might not be so obvious otherwise. We're very happy with our selections, but ours is a 1968 home and not sure if the colors are appropriate for a craftsman.

Dark Color for Our House?
Good Questions

11/15/11 02:37 AM

That pink wicker chair has been on PDX CL! I hope someone buys the darn thing.

The Daily Scavenger: Western Edition

10/18/11 09:22 PM

I'm from the Walla Walla Valley and had to look up that snappy song.

The song used in the IKEA commercial is an original composition.  The song does not have a title and it has never been released.


Fun in Advertising: 7 of IKEA's Best TV Commercials
10/7/11 12:29 AM

I'm totally tired of brown in my own home, but I have to admit these examples look nice and cozy for fall.

Hot Chocolate: Deep Brown Walls
10/5/11 12:25 AM