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Very nice! I really like the simple flowers combined with the gingham. Very picknicky feel to it all.

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8/6/10 04:40 PM

I love oilcloth, but my husband hates it.
I have a big piece formerly used as a tablecloth. I tried to talk him into covering the shelves of a closet where we keep all our tools with it (an idea stolen from but even that was a no-no.
We are now working on setting up new shelving-units in the garage, to make place for our patio-furniture next winter. I will use the oilcloth to cover that furniture while in storage. Same for a bigger piece of furniture he can't part with, which will be stored in the garage as well. I will make a cover for that too...
Plus, I will use it to make a cover for the sewing machine.

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3/21/09 01:50 PM

I love the zen-like natural atmosphere... great flooring!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Oversized Woven Baskets
3/16/09 02:46 PM

My parents had this problem in their living room. They had the whole wall replastered.... yes, it took quite some plaster, the company who did it for them charged them the double amount of square meters, but the room is now modern and fresh again.

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11/6/08 06:55 AM

I agree with Hinke, on using 1 lamp only. That will create a much more interesting look.
Also... by using the other lamp somewhere else in the same room, you will create a coherent feel in the whole room.

Good luck on finding the right shade!

Apartment Therapy New York | Good Questions: Lampshade Suggestions?
10/20/08 11:19 AM

I agree with amt230! A lot of money for those boxes.. and in fact, the coloring is the nicest detail, so you could just get a wooden box, and paint it in the colors you like.
Another option would be to knit a box, or sew it from nice fabric, insert some cardboard to make it sturdier and voila!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Wool Book Box
10/7/08 08:25 AM

You could paint the current chairs, each a slightly different color. Possibly try out the look with slipcovers first, just to see how the colors work together. Get some cheap fabric for this, if you want you can simply drape those over the back to get a feel for the color scheme...

I think it will be hard to find another type of chairs that will go well with this table...

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10/7/08 08:23 AM

Not as arty, but personal;
When on holiday, we take pictures of food stalls on markets, and we have nice collage of such enlarged pictures in our kitchen... the food is a nice subject for kitchen art, and it's always a nice conversation starter when entertaining... different countries, different foods....

Next time we will try for a nice cheese stall, as that's still "missing"....


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9/26/08 12:18 PM

It's done this way also in the Netherlands, although definitely not by everyone anymore....
And I agree with amt230, that getting down on hands and knees does a better job. Talking about anal, when I REALLY want to clean the kitchenfloor (other than a cosmetic clean-up every other day) I do it like this: vacuum, mop (on my knees), dry the floor with an old handtowel en then vacuum again, because the mopping often releases some extra dirt...

The quick clean-up is to simply vacuum the floor, then spray it with a cleaningspray, and mop the floor with that broom and rag... I am coming to the States in October, and I am thinking of getting some cleaning stuff from Mrs. Meyer's, to have a nice smell when I do that quick clean-up...


Apartment Therapy New York | Cleaning Tip: Broom Rag = Instant Mop
9/16/08 11:40 AM

I do like the look of the paper covered books!
It reminds of this friend I had, when I was 15, who covered all of her books in either pink or black paper, to go with the current color scheme of her tiny room...

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Decorate with Books Time Out Chicago Issue 184
9/8/08 10:59 AM

Here in the Netherlands the latest thing is to have a weatherproof blow-up of a nice picture in your garden. I can't tell you where to get that in the USA, but I'm sure there are companies who do them. Here it would be a company which does prints on canvas as well...

If you don't have something similar, you might want to check out companies which do prints on trucks....

Whatever you decide, please post pictures afterwards...


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7/24/08 09:42 AM

WOW, that looks really yummy!! Can't wait to enter this store on my next visit to New York.

Apartment Therapy New York | Calypso Home
2/8/08 11:03 PM

Another "natual" idea is to put your woolen rugs face down on top of fresh snow. Leave them for while, then beat them with the rug beater. This way you get much more dust out, and the colors seem refreshed afterwards...

Petra (the Netherlands, Europe)

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2/7/08 11:19 PM

One can also buy a "clip" which will hold any book you like. That way you won't have the obtrusive "SELF SHELF". I can't direct you to a USA-source for this, but I'm sure there are...


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2/7/08 10:57 PM