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Yup yup yup! I smiled through this entire post. Kindred soul indeed. Thanks for sharing! Now I know where to turn when I need style inspiration. Gotta go check out The Head and the Heart and Passion Pit.

Dabney's Interview: Eclectic & Interesting Liveblogging the Style Cure
8/1/13 02:05 PM

I made this soup tonight and it was delicious, BUT I improvised a little and I think it made a difference. To my taste, this recipe has, as a realtor might say, "great bones." I added some shaved fennel (at any point, really-- in tonight's case, it was at multiple points), clams and a heflty garnish of cilantro (as one of the early commenters suggested. I think you could also go with tarragon or basil, according to your taste) and, the all important, Pernod, about a minute or two before you're done. That took it to another level. I forgot the yummy, crusty bread but I remembered the bottle of Alsatian Pinot Gris. My husband thinks I should add it to my "list"-- the go-to outstanding recipes. And that's saying something-- that list is tried and true and he doesn't even like clams!! (Or cod, which is what I used.) A great mid week or even weekend (without the effort) meal. Next time, I'll remember the bread!

Recipe: Creamy-Yet-Light Fish Chowder Recipes From The Kitchn
1/16/13 10:36 PM

Avocado-the perfect food. There are (happy) nights when my dinner consists of avocado spread thickly across a hearty toast, seasoned with a pinch of Jane's Crazy Mixed Up Original or just plain seasalt. The Jane's is a trick from some friends in Puerto Rico, where the larger avocadoes, while lovely, are deifinitely more watery. A good creamy Haas doesn't need anything added. My children were weaned on avocados (my mother in law was mildly appalled because they are as precious as gold to someone who shopped in the 70's--still are!) My (WASP) grandmother once named them her favorite food in a dinner game and we all nodded in agreement--game over.

Mexico Through the Avocado Lens
5/3/12 10:59 PM

we all make mistakes, don't we? My well-intentioned husband put the popcorn in for FIVE minutes then got distracted. oops. That odor and the smoke damage are pretty hard to eliminate. I have tried lemon juice and water and have also added cinnamon and vanilla to the water (which already contained half a lemon—for safety concerns). I have also scrubbed with citrus spray, baking soda, and a mix of baking soda and vinegar (hello, kindergarden volcano experiment!). And I have left the vent fan on high for hours. It might be working, but it's taking forever. My fingers smell like I took up cigarette smoking. Any other ideas?!!

How To Clean the Microwave
Home Hacks

4/6/11 10:09 AM

I am loving this idea. thanks! Something to do with all this great Ikea fabric I have. And my shades are definitely due for an update. But I am confused about the bottom of the frame/shade: is there no bottom ring or am I just missing it?

How To Turn a Tapered Lamp Shade into a Drum Shade
3/31/11 04:16 PM