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Dear Bloggers,
I Love this Blog, it has given me inspiration for home decor ideas! So pretty yet chic design! Anthropologie is one of my favourite stores!!

Can I introduce myself?

My name is Lisa Collins and I am a masters student of Marketing in
Dublin Institute of Technology in Ireland. I am currently in my
second semester and I am about to embark on my thesis for my finals.

I am most interested in retail marketing, and wish to focus on this
area for my final year project. My thesis structure will incorporate
experiential marketing and relate marketing leading on to the
emergence of concept stores. My understanding of a concept store is
the name for a special kind of retail category used to describe a
store which combines brands and products in a particularly
experiential customer-related way. I consider concept stores as
examples of theatrical consumer environments, where the ideas of art,
fashion and design fuse to create a lifestyle emporium. To date to
feel that Anthropologie best fits the store category and I have read your comments about ANTHROPOLOGIE and understnad that some of you are
interested in the inspired store experience.
I am living in Dublin, and our retail sector is not yet up to date
with experiential marketing and such stores as Anthropologie in the
I have a strong interest in this area, and unfortunately their is not
near enough literature written on this area and this I wish to expand.
My work is strictly for college purpose only.

I am seeking an online interview (via email) regards your love and
passion of this retail store. It would mean a lot to me if you were
available to answer a
few questions at your leisure. Part of my methodology for my thesis is
that of netnography. This is my final year at university and I am
working hard towards my end project. If you did not mind I would love
to get in contact with those who are willing and gain some greater insight on this area.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read my comment, and hope some of you bloggers may be interested in helping me out??
Much Love L

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3/31/11 08:49 AM