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Thank you AT for bringing us this house tour! One of my favorites in ages!!! Hooray!

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House Tour

11/22/11 01:08 AM

I immediately thought yellow with white trim, too.

I live in a little yellow house in the Pacific Northwest that is architecturally unremarkable. At first, I hated the yellow but had to live with it due to budget constraints. It was too preppy, too easter egg and too boring. I'm surprised to find myself appreciating it more and more as the years go by.

It's kind of classic, in a 50's and 60's kind of way. The yellow makes my house bright and cheerful looking in the long dark winters and provides some contrast to our mostly gray and/or green surroundings. The white and yellow combo seems kind of unremarkable, but it is more fun than the usual browns, grays and blues that most people opt for here in the PNW.

One of the best things about yellow is that can be bold and safe at the same time! I know someone who was aiming for a beautiful coral color and got neon pumpkin instead. So sad!

Good luck! Whatever color you choose will look AMAZING compared to the grey that matches the sky, the roads, the cars, the rain on the windows....

What Color Would You Paint this House?
5/31/11 07:53 PM