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Congratulations on your win! Your entry really came out of nowhere to clinch it. Good work!

Gorana's Black & White Small Cool Contest
6/17/14 07:36 PM

Lovely! What a great upgrade.

Before & After: Rita's Really (Really!) Amazing Closet Transformation
6/16/14 09:46 AM

I really love your place! You've really made the most of your space.

Marie's Tiny Parisian Balcony Small Cool Contest
6/13/14 11:45 AM

Five hundred votes! Oh my goodness, we never expected such a response. Thank you so much to everyone.

Hayley & Anthony's Perfectly Petite Place Small Cool Contest
6/10/14 10:28 PM

JenKo - it's from Ikea! It's the one made to fit on the Billy system. We bought it about 4 years ago but hopefully they still make it.

Hayley & Anthony's Perfectly Petite Place Small Cool Contest
6/5/14 10:02 AM

Meiyi - yep, Perth! UWA represent! :)

Norikoses - they grey is Gunnard from Taubmans. It's full strength on all the walls except the fireplace surround, where it's 1/2 strength. There was a LOT of painting in this house, after several coats of primer to cover the blood red and neon purple from the previous owner.

RealRuby - thanks for the suggestion. We're getting lots of feedback about the curtains, which tbh is not an area I'd ever given a lot of thought to, so the input is great :)

Thank you GeorgiaMete and mshu!

Hayley & Anthony's Perfectly Petite Place Small Cool Contest
6/2/14 05:23 AM

Thank you MB@UK and amisdottir for your kind words - very much appreciated! (As a random aside, amisdottir - our bank actually took umbrage with the notion that the toilet was in the same room as the bath, as their exceedingly rigid mortgage contract required that they be separate! They also didn't like that we have a shared laundry room for the 8 apartments in our building. We had to get special approval from a higher up before they would approve our loan, which seems sort of ridiculous.)

That would be one heck of a design feature, gabbyh! Every house needs a drawbridge, don't you think? :)

Hayley & Anthony's Perfectly Petite Place Small Cool Contest
5/30/14 12:44 AM

PS I just changed my display name but it didn't backdate, so I am both this account and pinkhoshi, just in case anyone is interested :)

Hayley & Anthony's Perfectly Petite Place Small Cool Contest
5/29/14 04:21 AM

zenxen75 - they're 3.2m (10.5ft).

Hayley & Anthony's Perfectly Petite Place Small Cool Contest
5/29/14 03:30 AM

Linzed - good spot, they are indeed. Sometimes I think IKEA should sponsor us - we have so many IKEA hacks scattered around (the bedside tables are hacked Rast drawers, for example.)
This is pretty much the derpiest thing ever, but the idea for the walkthrough bookcase literally came to me in a dream not long after we bought the apartment. I woke up and told Anthony and he said "sure, I can build that". (Insert "making dreams come true" statement here.) We decided to use the Billy option as they ended up being a perfect fit and it took most of the carpentry issues we were worried about out of the equation. I'd still like to add some trim and crown moulding to make them look more like a cohesive unit - it's one of the many things on my never-ending to do list.

Masonry (and other window-dressing commenters) - would that work? It sounds great in theory, but there would have to be a bit of zhushing to prevent the wall above the windows from becoming the feature, right? (I'm not great at visualizing these sorts of things, unfortunately.) Definitely an option to consider, though. Thanks! :)

Home town shoutout to Flutzy! :D

Hayley & Anthony's Perfectly Petite Place Small Cool Contest
5/28/14 11:25 PM

Thanks to all for your kind words and comments - we're really flattered!

Thanks to textiles and the other commenters who mentioned it for your insights on the living room curtains. We'd never noticed it before but we're seeing it through fresh eyes now. It's definitely something we'll keep in mind for future upgrades.

And Elle Urker - I also think the chevron is due for an upgrade. I upholstered those chairs a couple of years ago when chevron was So Hot Right Now and felt super trendy, but it's definitely on my to do list when I find the right replacement fabric. On that note, if anyone has suggestions for what that might be, I'd love to hear it.

Thanks again all - this community is such a lovely place and we're so glad to have the opportunity to share our house with you.

Hayley & Anthony's Perfectly Petite Place Small Cool Contest
5/28/14 08:45 PM

As an aside, I'm surprised at how big some of the "small" spaces being referred to here are. For the record, my place is a 1 bedroom apartment, 40sqm (430sqft). It's not quite ready for Small Cool, but maybe next year.

Why Do You Live Small?
4/7/11 05:02 AM

So many reasons!
1) Location-budget interface.
2) Decorating budget - with a small place I can spend more per square foot decorating, so I can get fewer pieces but ones I really love.
3) This specific house. It is everything I want and it is small, and that's fine.
4) Eco-footprint. Why should me and my husband get a huge place that is far more than we need, uses more power, more heating, more cooling...? Smaller is kinder. Plus being so close to the centre means I can ride my bike to work, so we only have one car now. (In Australia, 1 car per adult is pretty much the norm.)
5) Emotional footprint. A small house means we see each other all the time when we're home together. We lived in a big place once, which was weird because we could go hours not seeing each other.

Those are the main points. There are other reasons, but truly, once you go small you don't go back.

Why Do You Live Small?
4/7/11 04:59 AM