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I've got a root cellar, does that count? The front porch of my Craftsman has a very odd porch that is over a rock basement. One side was pretty obviously the coal cellar - the walls are still blackened, and the north side is a root cellar that has shelves and bins. It's very cool down there, even in the summer. I've thought about using it for a wine cellar, but it's a bit damp for that.

The Return Of Larder Cupboards Kitchen Inspiration
6/30/14 04:43 PM

I have just a couple of antique flip tops, but use mason jars for most of my pantry items, certainly all of the staples (flour, sugar ect), grains and legumes, pastas and any home dehydrated items. I don't care for the flip tops because I can't vacuum seal them with a FoodSaver like you can with a jar attachment and a Mason jar. That makes the packaging at least as good, if not better, than the factory packing.

I save any instructions and for dry goods, just cut out that part of the packaging and slip it into the jar. I may have to fish it out if the contents have covered it up (small pantry cabinet, I'm always moving things around.)

As far as the 'more in the package than room in the jar' problem, I just start a new jar and use the partial up first. I have a high, not used everyday shelf that does have some overflow stored in it, but usually I'm able to get the partial jar used up pretty fast.

Jamie Oliver's Red, White & Blue Pantry Makes Me Want to Be a More Organized Person Pretty Pantries
6/30/14 03:55 PM

Speechless with amazement, this is one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen. We need a full house tour.

Elena's Crete Cave House Call
6/27/14 12:26 PM

Growing up, my sister and I traded off bedrooms fairly often - both had good closets, one had more floor space, but was far from the bathroom.

In my house now, it was no contest - parents in the big, downstairs bedroom, kid upstairs in the small bedroom.

How Did You Decide Who Gets Which Bedroom?
6/12/14 09:37 AM

My very first apartment had a sloping ceiling like that (on all four sides of the living room, in fact - it was in the turret of a Victorian house). You seat your guests in the dormer area; and the ends under the slope are for slouching, reading, sleeping. You get used to it. I did always warn people to be careful when they stood up, though.

Michael's Quality Over Quantity Small Cool Contest
6/10/14 01:32 PM

I find the differences in different countries' building practices fascinating. Here in the Midwest US, the slab is generally poured first, with lag bolts imbedded for where the framing will be anchored, then the build is on top of the cured slab.

It's looking good!

Laura's Backyard Renovation: How to Lay a Concrete Slab Renovation Diary
6/10/14 12:59 PM

Did you cut the pavers with a concrete saw for the triangle bits? That looks fantastic, by the way, I love the charcoal color.

Laura's Backyard Renovation: Adding Pavers Renovation Diary
5/27/14 04:28 PM

I love your pantry! The consistent containers (yeah for Mason jars!) gives it a very nice look. It looks like a boat galley with the flip down counter. I also like that the bed is very low and sleek.

Ben's Philadelphia Pad Small Cool Contest
5/27/14 02:27 PM

Yeah for boyz in the kitchen. By the time my son was in high school, he was responsible for two meals a week. He'd give me his menu and ingredient lists and help me shelp the groceries inside, but after that he was on his own (I was available to consult). We ate some strange experiments and failures (but I've made some of those, too.) And as an adult, he's told me "thanks for making me learn to cook and do my own laundry" more than once.

As far as meal delivery, I've only tried the "make ahead meals" with friends. I don't mind grocery shopping all that much. I only go once a week and have ample pantry and freezer space, so that keeps the time to a minimum.

In Which the Kids Experiment with Vegetable Lasagna and I Enjoy Happy Hour Kitchen Diary: Anne in South Carolina
5/27/14 02:22 PM

I remember your 'tool garage' in a previous post! And I still love the bed nook. Best of luck in the contest.

Maura's Bold Design Elements Small Cool Contest
5/21/14 03:10 PM

Clever storage with the old suitcases on the rack in the office area! Much nicer than just stacking them in a scary 'tower'. Good job on the color in the bedroom. The dark bedrooms I've been noticing lately are very appealing.

Kim & Rich's Contemporary Mix Small Cool Contest
5/21/14 03:06 PM

Love the A&C kitchen with the built ins! Your living area seems a little stark to me, but it obviously is your style and fits your life. You've got my vote.

Anna's Serene Studio Small Cool Contest
5/21/14 03:01 PM

Are you going to be doing any lighting in the yard or garage that will require an electrician or permits? Having a light in the garage and electric if you ever want a garage door opener would be easier now than later!

The Budget for Laura's Backyard Renovation Renovation Diary
5/21/14 02:51 PM

I've always had a well stocked pantry, even when I lived in very small spaces. I have an antique china hutch and a book case that now hold yarn and books, but at one time were my pantry - with bulk purchase staples and my home canning in mason jars on the exposed shelves and less 'pretty' commercial canned goods behind the doors.

My chest freezer (the smallest one) sat by the door with a tablecloth draped over it and double functioned as my 'landing strip'.

For me bulk buying is more about eliminating extra packaging and having good food storage than it is about hoarding or conspicuous consumption. I think it comes from being raised on a farm where the nearest grocery store was over an hour round trip. You couldn't just 'pop over to the grocery' if you were out of something.

There have been times that I have been VERY grateful for a well stocked pantry in bad weather or unexpected unemployment. Or even unexpected dinner guests!

One Smart Money Saving Tip: Divide & Conquer
5/20/14 02:20 PM

House Tour needed!!! The texture of those walls is just stunning! Love the sofa and mirror in the niche.

Enrique's Authentic Adobe Small Cool Contest
5/20/14 02:08 PM

swinging by the grocery tonight just so I can get the cream to make this. YUMMMM

How To Make a No-Bake Icebox Cake Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn
5/19/14 01:28 PM

I love rhubarb, especially in pies. But it's certainly an aquired taste - if you hate sour things, it's not for you. But hot from the oven with vanilla bean ice cream melting over it = summer heaven.

Must look for some stalks at the farmer's market next weekend.

It's Rhubarb Season, So Here's What You Need to Know! Ingredient Intelligence
5/19/14 01:16 PM

RH lost me when the stopped making lovely reproduction Arts and Crafts style pieces. Back then, I could only drool at the their KC showroom and now that I can actually afford their pieces, everything I wanted (and there was a LOT) is discontinued.

Why The Huge Catalog?
And How Restoration Hardware is Becoming The Ikea of Luxury Furnishings

5/19/14 12:58 PM

I love your design taste - almost steampunk, but light and airy.

And I envy your studio space.

Erin's Well Considered Home Small Cool Contest
5/19/14 12:53 PM

Your ceilings and floors are so beautiful. And all the wood makes for a lovely, warm space. And I love all of your plants.

Your stairs terrify me because they are so open and have no railings, but I'm afraid of heights!

Jose & Oliver's Lofty Living in London House Tour
5/19/14 12:50 PM