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I can't help thinking that the people who are being so judgmental about the people who take out garbage every day either use a big garbage can/bag, or eat out a lot and thus produce their garbage elsewhere, other than at home. We never eat out, other than the odd family celebration once or twice a year, and I am at home with the kids all day while working from home, so between my husband, me and our two little kids, we have quite a bit of garbage every day and prefer not to let it get smelly. I think that taking care of garbage issues every day/night is good general advice, though of course it may not be applicable to everyone.

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4/20/09 08:44 AM

Each of the individual elements is beautiful by itself (floor, fabric patterns, colors, brick, and many more), although all together it makes me feel a bit claustrophobic. Though the overall feel of the place is not my cup of tea, there are lots of individual things to be inspired by. And of course the owners must be admired for showing their place to us, and for creating a home they obviously enjoy so much.

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4/1/08 02:47 AM

If you are okay with the tile (especially the burgundy factor), then there is no reason not to keep it, provided it does survive unharmed. My advice would be:

- remove curtain type thingy immediately - the window underneath looks pretty nice

- replace shower curtain - the dark part looks strange - a simple white, light gray or clear curtain will look much better

- remove wooden elements - i.e. toilet seat and mirror - replace with white seat and mirror with white, gray or metallic frame

- remove plastic looking soap and toothbrush holder type things above the sink, provided that removing them would not damage the tile underneath

- replace the sink/vanity with a white modern/retro looking ceramic sink

- get a nice modern/retro faucet for the new sink (and tub)

- try painting a small wall a shade of very light gray coordinating with the tile shade of gray - and continue with other walls if the result is satisfactory.

It is really not a bad bathroom and just a few little tweaks will make it look a lot better. The retro feel of the tile is a lot better than an outdated eighties feel of peachy tile, for example.

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3/26/08 11:50 AM

Prototype? I am from the Czech Republic and this is a Communist era thing that all kindergartens, schools, government offices and all other public bathrooms had back then and are fortunately getting rid of in favor of liquid soap dispensers. It does make a really good lather though, as someone has already mentioned ...

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2/16/08 07:15 AM

Wow, what a transformation! I am generally not into curly-cue shapes in furniture, but you turned that chair into something beautiful. The white paint and the modern/traditional combinaiton feel of the fabric make that chair one that will look great in any environment.

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2/2/08 12:43 AM

I would definitely keep the cabinets - they look beautiful, at least in the pictures.

However, I would get a lighter colored countertop - whitish/beigish/sandish - a warmer shade, not a cool grayish shade. The dark gray countertop is not working with the dark brown of the cabinets. I think a lighter countertop would make the most difference in getting the room to feel brighter.

Paint the walls whatever color you like, but probably not a cool shade of white - I think that would be too stark a contrast against the dark, warm cabinets.

Remove some of the foliage/branches/bushes, if at all possible.

Keep the window trim white.

The floor is okay too, until you are ready to invest in a new one.

Definitely consider new hardware, i.e. cabinet and drawer pulls - long stainless steel ones would look great.

The worst thing in your kitchen is definitely the dishwasher and the refrigerator. I know that stainless steel is getting a bad rap lately, but I love it because to me it is a timeless medium neutral that works well with nearly anything. Plus, stainless steel is shiny, so it adds to the light in a room. So, if/when your budget allows, I would definitely get stainless steel appliances.

Just my opinion! :) I would love to see pictures of what you do with your great new kitchen!

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2/2/08 12:39 AM