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Living in SoCal we get some pretty good guac at restaurants and taco shops. Although, I am always disappointed with restaurant or shop cookies. Sorry, but it just isn't the same as homemade.
My husband also cures amazing bacon and I just can't help but compare the sad, thin stuff at restaurants to his complex, savory bacon.

The Dishes I Never Order Out Because They're Better at Home
4/11/14 03:55 PM

"bake every day" for sure. I wanted to get better at making biscuits, so every morning I made a batch of biscuits for the family. By the end of a week or so my results were amazing biscuits repeatedly. I know the flour, fat, and technique for my biscuits. I really want to expand my knowledge to "fancier" cooking and not just my home cookin' style.
Thanks for your advice!

Be a Better Baker: Advice from Pastry Chef Jenny McCoy Expert Interview
9/27/13 06:43 PM

My husband rubs them with olive oil and salt and puts them in the smoker with whatever meat he is cooking. Yum.

How To Bake a Potato: Three Easy Methods Tips from The Kitchn
9/10/13 07:52 PM

We are a mustard house as well, check out our fridge. We have also starting making our own mustard! It is fun to experiment with different flavors and textures.

King of Condiments: 5 Ways to Use Mustard in Everyday Cooking
2/2/12 03:48 PM

Peanutbutter blossoms, white chocolate macadamia, gingerbread, and mincemeat cookies!

Holiday Cookie Platter: What Are Your Must-Have Cookies?
11/28/11 04:10 PM

Cranberry sauce in a can, I just love it, and we always buy gravy packets and box stuffing just in case something goes horribly wrong! If we don't use it on Thanksgiving we make it with pork chops or something at a later date.

Somewhat from Scratch: Do You Bend the Homemade Thanksgiving Rules?
11/18/11 12:43 PM

The ring is reheated before filling, so will it fall apart when it is served? I think this might be a tester with leftover spaghetti next time it is pasta night. Really the first thing it made me think of was scary 70's recipe cards.

Spaghetti in a Ring: Shape Your Pasta Before Serving?
My Recipes

10/14/11 12:45 PM

I just learned that you can change any zucchini bread into apple bread! Just sub the shredded zuchinni with shredded apple. I just cored the apple, didn't peel it or anything. My muffins were much loved at the office.

How to Make Zucchini Bread
10/6/11 02:59 PM

Spinach. It was always a mushy nasty green pile until one day I discovered fresh, raw spinach salads and then started cooking with wilted spinach. One day I joined a CSA and used my spinach know how to introduce kale, chard and the like into our diets at home. Hooray greens!

Do You Have a Vegetable Conversion Story?
10/4/11 05:21 PM

In your picture it looks like a springform pan...I just got my first one and I'm always on the lookout for fun recipes

Recipe: Artichoke, Kale & Ricotta Pie
Six Ingredients (and Salt)

3/29/11 05:45 PM