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Hi there, I'm from France, which is one of the only countries I know of where these are fairly common. Obviously, if you want to have another toilet and there is no other way to hook up the plumbing, a macerating toilet might be the only option. If there is another option, however, I would definitely take it. Macerating toilets are much less forgiving than regular toilets. A guest throws in a tampon? Say goodbye to the toilet; you're going to need to buy a new one. (I am speaking, unfortunately, from experience.) Also (I'm assuming you're in the US), there isn't much in the way of knowledgeable technicians if you ever do have a problem that can be repaired. Which, again, is less likely than with a regular toilet. Because there is a motor and a blade involved, any damage is often irreversible. Then, of course, there are the aesthetics. The sound of the flush and the general appearance are that of an airplane toilet. Finally, because the toilet itself does not contain much water, these toilets tend to develop (and retain) odors much more quickly than conventional toilets.

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