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@tereza & karynjeanne: Woops..I don't know which colour I used exactly, I just chose one of those paper paintsamples you can get at D.I.Y. shops. I'll check if I can find it anywhere at home!
@eriqua The bedspread is crocheted (!) by my husband's grandmother. It's very old (and I keep thinking about the amount of hours it must have taken to make it)!

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3/30/11 04:56 AM

Thanks everybody, for your kind comments!

@sfantl: the storageboard in my studio is from Lundia
@Tizzy13 I inherited the brown sideboard from my grandfather, it's very old. I can't recall where I got the plastic carpet in the studio.
@edmarch: The rug underneath the diningtable comes from Ikea. Our cat likes to sharpen her nails on it...and it still stands strong ;-)
@montreal Betty: I found the lampshade in the livingroom in a thriftshop!
@mermaidblue: the brand of the catclock is 'tapas', I don't know if they have resellers in the U.S. I bought it ages ago in a little shop in Amersfoort.

The wallpaper in the bedroom comes from Dutch designers Studio Ditte, the hippe rug is also a Dutch design, from Droog!

Marlous & Pim's Sunny Dutch Home
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3/28/11 04:10 AM