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Thanks for posting my question!

I think I've gathered some more information on this that may explain the cause: I live on the sixth floor and the woman on the first floor recently passed away. Her apartment is currently sealed by the city. Is it standard procedure for the city to put moth balls in an apartment before sealing it up? Can the smell travel through a steam pipe?

Thanks everyone!

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Good Questions

3/28/11 03:24 PM

I am currently living in the smallest bedroom I have ever had in my life. The bedroom dictated the placement of my bed: in front of my closet. My sliding closet doors serve as my "headboard". What's more, it's also wedged in the corner. It was the only way to preserve any sort of floor area. I guess I've gotten used to it (it helps that I have another hallway closet to house my "in season" clothing - the blocked closet is all off-season items).

Taboo Bed Placements That Actually Work
3/27/11 11:49 PM