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Yes, "dinning"! What is it about that word?

Search is useless on CL. Browsing—frequently—is the only way to find anything.

A lot of people say "Selling on Ebay for $1,200!" Well, no. It's listed on Ebay for $1,200 and there's no way that person is going to get that much for it. The thrift stores are getting to be just as bad. Their model has shifted from selling to people in need to selling in order to run programs for people in need. I guess that's not all bad, but it sure leaves out people who may not be needy but still need to find a bargain. Like me.

Do You Suffer from Craigslist Elitist Syndrome?
1/19/11 05:11 PM

@idontlooksick: I use wooden ones in the fridge… why not?

Before & After: A Super Simple Pantry Fix
1/19/11 11:24 AM

It's kind of cool but looks like a cleaning nightmare.

Help! Source This Coffee Table?
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1/19/11 11:23 AM

Name: Dwelement

Name: Chez Larsson

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1/19/11 09:51 AM

I have collected about 10 lazy susans at thrift stores to use in my fridge and pantry. No more digging!

Before & After: A Super Simple Pantry Fix
1/19/11 09:48 AM

Very nice! I love the dark paint in the transition space. And the view!

Lauren's Collection of Stories
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1/19/11 09:47 AM

You're lucky it's such a simple shape. A bit of paint and a new top/sink... it will fit right in. With the ultra-simple lines it's kind of a blank canvas and could become a focal point with a special design or a very bold color. I'm picturing a lusciously shiny lacquered box as inspiration.

Should I Reuse this Bathroom Vanity? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy New York
3/4/10 09:18 AM

Most original kitchen I've seen in a while! So easy to spot custom cabinetry… it looks perfect!

Kitchen Tour: John and Jason's Color Infused Kitchen New York | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
2/25/10 08:23 AM

Yep, ash or charcoal grey will make a huge improvement.

Color Suggestions for Kitchen Cabinet Makeover? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
2/17/10 02:45 PM

Something is not right. The site says people in my area (small town) are spending $12,000 a month before mortgage/rent? There is no way that's true. Where is the info coming from?

Bundle Shows You What Others Spend | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
2/16/10 06:45 PM

I think this is a case where custom carpentry would be well worth the money. You'll take advantage of every inch. Fold and shelve everything that doesn't absolutely need to hang.

You could also consider hooks in vertical rows on the slanted ceiling so things can be hung facing frontwards and cascading down the slant.

Storage Suggestions in an Slanted Ceiling Space? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy Boston
2/16/10 06:33 PM

I am *so* trying this technique before winter is over.

And I'm happy to know that the puppy-paw/popcorn connection is not just my imagination! :)

How To Clean a Rug with Snow Home Hacks | Apartment Therapy Chicago
2/16/10 06:27 PM

This is beautiful, with the perfect amount of history coming through. I love the color restraint! There's a difference between fearful neutrals and confident neutrals, and this place knows what it is. Well done!

Henrick's Black White Swedish Cottage House Call | Apartment Therapy New York
2/16/10 06:23 PM

I actually like the way it looks right now, "spilling" out onto the floor. I would finish the rest of the floor with plain white tile. I agree with twelve about the white shower curtain... also white walls, fixtures, accessories! Let it shine.

Modern In Minnesota's Marvelous Tiles! | Apartment Therapy Chicago
2/16/10 06:08 PM

I don't think it's about being embarrassed to have a TV, or trying to fool anyone... some of us just prefer not to have a large, gaping, blank screen in the room when we're using it for other functions like entertaining or reading. Ours is off more than it's on, and it's in our only entertaining space, so it's nice to forget about it. Though I do agree that this particular "solution" is really not solving anything.

How To Hide Your TV Using Fabric | Apartment Therapy Boston
2/16/10 01:47 PM

I like the knobless simplicity of the cabinets, but I think that tile or a color on the walls would complement the wood nicely. A light fixture that makes a bit of a statement would be good, too. Love the light in the space and the functional look of everything. Nice job building those cabinets!

Kitchen Tour: Gretchen Rachel's DIY Kitchen New York | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
2/3/10 10:46 AM

This might be too small, too, but the price is right ($299)

Size is right, lighter colors, $650:

Help Finding Similar Items For Less? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
2/3/10 10:37 AM

You could find an ornate table base or legs and have a top cut from opaque plexi, glass, or some type of resin-based material. I think a glass shop could do it for you. Your chairs look fabulous!

Suggestions for a "Modern Baroque" Dining Table? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy New York
1/29/10 10:10 AM

I go with a light to medium taupe on the walls (more grey than tan, SW Functional Grey comes to mind), and add a runner or Flor tiles the length of the hallway in colors that tie into the neighboring rooms.

Please Help me with My Hallway! Good Questions | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
1/29/10 08:54 AM

Stacked linens (tablecloths, placemats) would add color and texture.

What to Put on Dining Room Sideboard Shelves? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy Chicago
1/28/10 07:58 PM