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Is the color off on the camera? I'm not seeing any green...

Apartment Therapy New York | Look!: New Pea Soup Color at Banana Republic
5/13/08 01:06 PM

sooo hot. must have.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Hot or Not? Anamorphic Cups
5/12/08 09:15 AM

WHITE! I love white against bright colors.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | CHI Good Questions: What Color to Paint this Chest?
4/11/08 01:27 PM

please, don't paint it.

Apartment Therapy New York | NY Good Questions: Can I Paint Slate?
4/10/08 06:52 AM

i'm more wow'd with the floors. they are beautiful...

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Ku Ambiance Porcelain at CA Boom 08
3/19/08 07:35 AM

For me, the toilette seat isn't a debate: You put it down. As a woman with bad vision, I stand a strong chance of getting a wet butt if the seat is left up at night. It's just a thoughtful element that goes a long way. You can learn a lot about a man by whether he leaves the seat up or down....

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Bathroom Etiquette
3/13/08 08:51 AM

I love this table. A cafe I go to in Philly has tables like this paired with orange acrylic chairs. The link doesn't have the same chair, but the orange swatch is very, very similar.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | CHI Good Questions: Chairs to Suit a Saarinen Tulip Table?
3/12/08 06:55 AM

Funny you should ask. I actually just used chalkboard paint on two side tables that I found (I heart dumpster diving). I sanded 'em down and coated the suckers with the black stuff. They turned out fantastic, if I do say so myself. The matte finish is unexpected, and really adds a modern element to the traditional, Queen Anne-style tables. I should have entered them for January Jumpstart, but alas, I wasn't organized enough...

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Chalkboard paint uses
2/1/08 11:24 AM