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Buying a house. I miss our 1BR, yard less, childless times... Now it seems all we do is try to keep up with something 5x bigger and less necessary. I wish someone would have told us that a starter home didn't mean small, it meant time to learn what you want. Two years in and we are ready to downsize. We really jumped on the poor housing market opportunity and are now learning we're cool with sharing bedrooms, bathrooms, and not having a separate room for everything. Hindsight... What a bitch.

What's Been Your Biggest Rental Regret?
7/27/14 03:05 PM

I think it depends on if this is your forever home. If it is, tile first. But everyone that has commented says that the previous owner did not tile first, which is cheaper for them. Next occupant has their own problem.

Should I Install Floor Tile or Cabinets First? Good Questions
7/14/14 08:38 AM

Can we go over decor requirements to pull off dark paint? Like lots of white?

Color Palette Inspiration: 7 Dark, Dramatic Wall Paint Colors that Look Great in Real Life
7/12/14 07:14 PM

Do The accessories fit the old Billy? :-/

Billy Bookcase Gets an Update Design News
7/3/14 07:43 PM

If you are a hoarder, they'll notice. Family friends had stacks of moldy newspapers everywhere that they were "cleaning up" for the 3 years they lived nearby...

The Best (& Most Fun) Way to Make Your Guests Ignore Your Messy House Comment of the Day
6/23/14 07:09 PM

Can I just offer up that if you really can't expect to get close to full value back? My mother and a neighbor get in fights with people who try to barter. They want $5 for old used jeans. Me on the other hand, I am not a pack rat and refuse to have anything leftover from a yard sale. The last hour of our last sale everything went 50% off. We also started forcing people to take stuff (buy 4, get 1 free DVDs for 50ยข each!) One guy didn't get the "deal" we were offering and said, I just want 3 and one free. I just hate having stuff around we don't use!! It's annoying. Also, hold off on big ticket items if you aren't in a hurry to sell. Here in San Antonio, the first people to show up are people who resale at flea markets. They low ball you like crazy and try to resell it for more than it's worth.

How to Decide When & Where to Hold a Garage Sale Apartment Therapy's Guide to the Perfect Summer
6/1/14 12:54 PM

Omg. Waste of money. We spent $3,000 on a king-sized box spring and latex foam mattress. After 3 months the body impressions we left in it, despite rotating the mattress as instructed, would not "re-fluff." Our lovely warranty through the store we bought it from didn't cover it. Anyway, after being pregnant here I am 2.5 years after purchase with a bad back that is not helped by the crater my booty left the night before (I am 2lbs overweight, not like 700lbs or something, BTW). I just got the best advice ever from a neighbor: buy a decent firm mattress and then every few years drop a some good cash on a new pillow top mattress cover. Definitely what I am doing next time.

Tell Us: What's the Most You've Ever Spent on a Mattress?
5/21/14 09:58 PM

May. Again, one or two, no biggie... Just wash them down the drain. Roaches are more heeby-jeeby for me!

Silverfish: How To Get Rid of Them & Prevent an Infestation
5/2/14 09:14 PM

Or just take your glasses off before you baths! It's how the men in my house avoid shower scrubbing! "What orange buildup!?"

A Shiny New Shower & Tub: A Cleaning Regimen for Keeping them Perfect Forever
5/1/14 11:12 PM

While I love the smell of bacon <I>cooking, the after smell in the house is gross. Thanks for the tips!

5 Tips for Getting Rid of Cooking Smells Tips From The Kitchn
4/30/14 09:43 PM

Was really into DNA art a few years ago, now a little concerned with having my information readily available on my living room wall ;-)
And Rosalind Franklin was the unsung hero back then. Crick was a total jerk and still tried to downplay her role in the discovery in his memoirs... To women in science!

The Art of Science: A History of DNA Art Genetic Ink
4/24/14 10:05 PM

I agree. If you have kids, wait until they move out to enjoy a dining room rug!

Yes, Dining Room Rugs Can Be Practical If You Follow These Rules
4/21/14 07:41 PM

I also think it is important to figure out what you like before you start spending money on decor items you will hate once you figure out that you don't like your mother's style. I assumed that just because I grew up with the dark, hunter green and maroon decor that that was what I liked, too. Now I am struggling to get rid of these things that I paid so much for when I thought that was my style.

Don't Worry About Others: Advice on Creating a Home That Works For You
4/19/14 09:47 AM

Love the hate on in the painted wood comments.
This piece is amazing, I hope you love it!!

Before & After: Makeshift Ironing Board Gets a Magical Transformation
4/15/14 10:34 PM

I was pretty pissed about the tone of this into he beginning. Like, just because I want to paint some crappy furniture with sentimental value doesn't mean I hate everything heirloom! But then I read the April Fools comments and caught on... Slowly. Gimme a break, I am a teacher in TX and we are STAAR testing (kill me, my brain is already there!)

How To Paint a Family Heirloom: Danish Empire Style Chest Apartment Therapy Tutorials
4/1/14 09:02 PM

Sorry, but if you are at my house just for "a place to crash" and not to visit me, AND you have no exact exit date? Your bed will be uncomfortable and you will probably not be allowed back ("oh, THAT weekend? We are out of town then!")

How To Be a Great Host: 13 Tips
3/31/14 10:23 PM

Supposed to be 92 Sunday here in TX... Maybe I will stay in ;)

Get Addicted: 10 Suspenseful Series to Start (Binge) Watching on Netflix This Weekend
3/28/14 07:40 PM

Not sure if it's true, but I heard swiffer designed their product after visiting people's homes, intentionally spilling something, and observing what people used most to clean it up. And it was paper towels over mops. Until a lady threw a paper towel down and used a broom or a stick or something to pick it up because she had a bad back. And that supposedly this was after spending a lot of money on scientists doing research in a lab. (Field work is where it's at!)

Are Swiffers Really As Good As They Claim? Good Questions
3/27/14 11:06 PM

Lol I say worse all the time and am so glad to see I'm not the only one that had to do a double take... Ass? Crazy.

Before & After: Loveseat Avoids Reupholstery Redo
3/26/14 07:23 PM

Too funny. I was just looking into this... Except my hubby has a hard fast rule to not to get rid of our entertainment unit (with giant hutch surrounding TV), so any art hung around it will just look like... Stuff hung around a huge hunk of furniture. Lol

Composing a Gallery Wall Around the TV
3/26/14 07:17 PM