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I used to have Comcast and we streamed a lot of Netflix stuff daily/weekly and never ran into a limit issue. However, I kind of find it ridiculous that they would just cancel your account outright, without giving you any notice or info to switch over. Now we have DirecTV and they've told us that if we ever go over our service, they will call first, advise on how to secure the next step up, then go from there. In my 7+ years with AT&T, they've done that for us too (one month I went over my text limit by 50 texts would have been AWFUL without their help!). Seems strange Comcast wouldn't want to upgrade and get more cash.

How Much Bandwidth Does Netflix Streaming Use?
Good Questions

12/5/11 12:58 PM

@vintagejenta I'm not from MN but recently moved here and the Pannekoeken Huis still exists! There's one on Excelsior between Quentin Ave and Wooddale Ave. The friend I went with ordered their version of this and it was incredible! I had a banana cream version - pretty much just a banana cream pie. :)

Weekend Breakfast Recipe: The Apple Pancake
10/20/11 01:27 PM

I worked for Target in Merchandising up until about 2 months ago, and I had the good fortune of being able to see the Missoni product as it was in development in both sporting goods (luggage) and cards/party (stationery).

I don't care for the prints really, but the hype was insane. And the buy plans were horrid. For luggage, for example, each STORE was only slated to get 1 - 2 of the largest pieces, and that was only about 50% of stores. The other, less demanding stores wouldn't get any, though they may have received some of the stationery items instead. The buyers/analysts knew what they were doing when they ordered it, and they purposefully ordered small.

Stationery was just as bad, though each store I believe was set up to receive an initial order of all SKUs. The best part was that initial samples from the vendor were super late, and they ended up being awful - the print was extremely small, skewed in very strange ways. Definitely glad to see they turned out better during final production.

The nice thing is that all of the pieces I saw seemed to be of a good quality. This is usually the case with Target's designer lines, but with these it was very apparent. Especially in luggage, which historically has pretty bad ratings/return rates for stores.

Missoni For Target: The Sad & Sold Out In-Store Look
9/13/11 04:38 PM

My boyfriend's parents live in a house where their basement is finished, but split into 2 (kind of 3) parts: the living area, closet/hallway, and laundry room. Fortunately for them, since they have 1 main bathroom upstairs, their laundry room doubles as a bathroom, and it houses a shower, toilet and sink, as well as a laundry tub/sink. It also happens to have the main heater/cooling systems in the room.

Just because it's not ONLY a laundry room does it make this room NOT one. Saying that is silly. People can use their homes/spaces as they like. If AT posted a living room overhaul and it happened to open onto a kitchen/dining room combo, could you still not call it a living room?

I agree with others that this space needs more attention with a utility sink, board, and some cabinets. But it's a laundry room all the same.

Before & After: Stunning Laundry Room Renovation

8/11/11 04:36 PM

So, I haven't ever been compelled to comment on a post here before, but reading through some of the comments I just had to clarify something.

For those of you who thought THIS was messy/dirty...you clearly didn't live in true college housing, or ever visit a frat/sorority house.

I went to a pretty big school and didn't live too far off campus, which required a BIG concession in the way of suitable living conditions. We kept it as clean as we could, but with the 5 of us there (2 being people who'd eat a bowl of cereal and leave the bowl in their room for oh...a week or so), you can imagine the nastiness that ensued.

All that being said, I think the kitchen looks great, is well-used, and serves a fantastic purpose. Love the dynamic ebb and flow, too, where students give and take as they come and go. Bravo to them!

Kitchen Tour: Katy's Cooperative SoCal Kitchen
5/11/11 11:26 PM

Um, yeah. If you're at all a gamer, you NEED a desktop computer. Laptops overheat and are inefficient for those purposes.

Also, I second the comments on cameras as well, I enjoy having and using mine!

Hey New York Times, I'm Not Throwing Away My Camera
3/26/11 05:23 PM