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It would work really well in a minimalistic surrounding like this:

Can This Obnoxious Couch Work? Good Questions
7/2/13 01:35 PM

That is a great couch. I mean it. I would not go full-on granny with the decor though, but rather mix with enough simple pieces. It will work really well with a modern, eclectic look. Some industrial touches, some granny touches. Have enough solids and neutrals to balance out the print, though I think you can also get away with another print or two if you do it well! . I would consider white walls, they are always fresh and would help to make this couch a statement piece.

Can This Obnoxious Couch Work? Good Questions
7/2/13 01:32 PM

I like it, very Finnish :) The shelf is great, go MIL! I like the rag rug and chair too, and the bedding and pillows. I agree though that more pictures of the actual space and less off the stuff you have in there, would have been nice.

Kaisa's Peaceful Atmosphere My Bedroom Retreat Contest
3/24/13 03:19 AM

One of the best! The neutral color scheme is calming. This bedroom has a relaxed attitude and not too much stuff, and what there is, is not too pristine. I can even excuse the Eames rocker, as it would not be easy to find another rocker that was small enough for the space!

Laura's Simple White Walled Bedroom My Bedroom Retreat Contest
3/23/13 10:55 AM

I love it! It's nice and clean and welcoming and I don't get the pretentious vibe at all from this. I also adore the tomato red wall. We only have 120 sf bigger apartment and we have a kid. People comment on how spacious our home is and how "big" our living room is, LOL! (Yeah, this sounds funny coming from someone who lives in a place twice the size of ours, no kids, and still having to keep stuff in storage..) It's not how much space you have, it's how much stuff you have, that makes the place look and feel small and cramped or spacious.

Johanna and Mike's Bright Brooklyn Home House Tour
3/23/13 05:02 AM

I'd say you are lucky to not have much stuff of value. I intentionally try NOT to acquire things of value. It's very liberating.. You can just leave everything if you want to. You can donate things without feeling like you should try to sell them to get some of that money back. If you are driving yourself there, you can pack your car full.

How Much is Your Stuff Worth?
3/23/13 04:21 AM

I also think it's a bit weird making painted wood look old, can't you just wait for life and time do it's thing? Oh yeah, we all want everything right now, distressed vintage look and all .
It reminds me of the 80's fad of buying new jeans and then ripping them up intentionally. Sigh.

Timeline: A Modern Alternative to Reclaimed Wood
9/28/12 06:55 AM

Agreed with Home Body and Scoot.

Decorating Your Home: Hobby or Unhealthy Obsession?
9/27/12 11:42 AM

If it leads to over-spending and debt and arguments over money, then it's not harmless. Not to mention the environmental and ethical considerations of producing all the knick knacks and whatever..

Is Decorating an Addiction?
9/21/12 03:09 PM

One really good tip I know is to have the baby "give" a gift the the older sibling when she or he arrives :) Everyone else is giving gifts to the new baby, but the baby gives a gift to the sibling.

How Did You Prepare Your Toddler for a New Sibling?
9/20/12 01:22 AM

Wow! Inspired.

Modern Craft Idea: Cross Stitched
Cane Back Chair
My Poppet

9/18/12 03:33 AM

Magazines about simple living seem a bit oxymoronic.. and I bet it's full of advertisements trying to get people to BUY STUFF.

New Print Magazine: The Simple Things
9/12/12 02:04 AM

Eggs are sold not refridgerated here, though we are in the habit of putting them in the fridge at home. Don't really know why - I think placing them in a bowl on the counter would look so pretty. Maybe I'll try it. Oh, and I have never in my life come across a rotten egg, though we do eat them a lot!

Is Refrigerating Eggs Necessary?
9/8/12 04:35 AM

Those table legs and the art works look really lost and lonely her. I love the table top and the rustic and fun feeling here, but the balance is a bit off if it's intended as a mix of rustic and modern. The modern is just TOO modern.

Rustic + Modern Table in a Sunny Kitchen Roommarks
8/29/12 02:36 AM

We have separate covers since very early in the relationship since I hog the duvet, and we both like to "hug" the duvet. When my husband is alone in the bed he usually hugs one duvet and is covered by the other. We also turn away from each other when we start to sleep, both of us do it. It kind of gives you your own space. We are now co-sleeping with our daughter, which is wonderful in a way, but she is due for her own bed (that will be next to our s at first, she doesn't want to go sleep alone).
At one point my husband and I were arguing, because I wanted to keep the window open for fresh air and he got a sore throat from it. I couldn't understand it and I was worried we would end up in different rooms eventually. But then we found out our apartment had a mold problem and when we moved out he no longer got the sore throat and we have been able to keep the window open. Also the air quality is much better here as is... In the old place the air got so thick and bad during the night, I was literally gasping for air in the morning.
I really prefer to sleep in his company (but still with enough space to turn and freely), whenever the other one is away we never sleep so well, though now I always have DD there and it's not always so comfortable but it is cuddly:)

Couples Sleeping in Separate Bedrooms
8/28/12 02:19 AM

Natural wood tones always go together :)

Does All the Wood Furniture in My Home Need to Match? Good Questions
8/23/12 03:00 AM

Really charming! I agree that it's nice to see a cozy, lived-in space.
I love the brick walls, the kitchen, the sofa, the shaker rocker and peg rails! We have a tiny entrance with a closet, but I want to replace it with a peg rail to leave wet rain gear in and stuff :)
We lived in a 600 sf apartment very spaciously with a 3-year old but moved out recently because of a mold issue.Though we probably had less than half the stuff here;)

An Evolving (and Artistic) East Village Home House Tour
8/16/12 02:33 AM

I can't believe someone would call the "before" kitchen dated. To me it looks classic and inviting and actually pretty sleek???? I guess I just don't understand trends, and that people gave to change the look of their kitchens every ten years, minimum.
Plus I always like natural colored wood, cherry, oak, pine, whatever.

Kitchen Before & After: Amanda Hesser's Budget Kitchen Makeover Kitchen Renovation
8/16/12 02:14 AM

My almost 4-year old girl plays with 2 or 3 stuffed toys and two strollers for them (one of them we made ourselves) and the rest of her toys are pieces of fabric, string, papers she drew on, random things she finds like a compass (sometimes it's a phone, sometimes a necklace and so on) and she also likes bags and pouches where she can stuff her treasures ;)

Sometimes she plays with a dollhouse.

But really, she could play all day long with just her one favorite plush cat and random stuff from around the house. Most real toys she rejects, so she really doesn't have much.

Toy Buying Mistakes and
Tips to Avoid Them

8/15/12 02:22 PM

Don't paint. The wood is lovely and the cabin feeling is so cozy.
If you decide to paint however, leave the beams as is, and perhaps just paint one or two walls, leaving plenty of the lovely wood. It gives so much warmth and natural whimsy.

But please get rid of the carpet! Ick.

Help My Mom Decide: The Great Wood Paneling Debate
8/14/12 02:17 PM