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I agree with JynxnJez, and like the idea of going nautical. Leave the walls as is, use some cool FLOR carpet tiles like these: http://www.flor.com/side-by-side-cobalt-white.html
and do a gallery art installation on the major wall- paintings, prints, mirror, objets...you'll get a very crisp yet inviting and interesting space.

How To Work With Wood Paneling In Bedrooms?
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5/6/11 01:41 PM

They are Kate Williams pillows! - Meggie

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4/15/11 03:42 PM

Beautiful yes, but we like the idea of domed bed headboard - privacy and sultry moods to the maximum, creating a little cave for the night-time.

What Do You Think of Domed Chairs?
3/25/11 02:33 PM