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I know I'm late on this, so it's less for the OP and more for anyone cruising through for workarounds. I would advice you do NOT touch the popcorn ceiling for a number of reasons. However, if you're allowed to paint, make your paint line a few inches BELOW the ceiling (about where crown molding would be) and leave the top few inches of wall white. It'll bring the white of the ceiling down around the top of the walls and do two things: visually raise your ceiling height AND act as a visual "buffer" between the walls and the textured ceiling and basically mask the unsightliness with a tweaked transition between wall and ceiling. A little side note on popcorn ceilings: If you're on the top floor of the building the overall ambient temperature of your home will raise a good 10-20 degrees if you scrape it off. If you are on any other floor you will lose an exorbitant amount of your sound insulation from neighbors above. We're talking hearing every step, every creak, every baby sigh coming from another apartment...and they'll hear you. Popcorn ceilings are hideous, but they are incredible thermal and sound barriers. Ugly as they may be I think you'd be in for a nasty surprise if you removed them. Now if you own a single family home in a moderate climate...tear those suckers out now.....do it for the children. Think about the children!!!!

How To Mask Popcorn Ceiling?
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8/17/12 07:53 PM

Good grief. I can't help but think the prices of these fans reflect the unprecedented heat wave along the East coast. Very topical, and very unaffordable. I have an amazing retro oscillating fan that I got last year for $50. This is redonkulous.

Best Table Fans 2011

7/27/11 11:52 PM

I second (or fiftieth) grey!

Paint Colors To Accent Mustard Yellow Stove?
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4/29/11 09:31 PM

I don't know that I'd consider Cole and Sons "Woods" wallpaper budget friendly. It's like, $200 per roll. Put it IS drool worthy and it looks rad in your space.

Joey and Kati's True Love
4/27/11 08:50 PM

Brick is almost always awesome! It's cheap renter's grade bronze fixtures that can ruin it.

Exposed Brick: Love It or Hate It?
4/23/11 10:03 PM

I like the sparseness in the lighting fixtures. I wonder if the lush green hillside was the juxtaposition for the "bloodless" interiors. I would maybe warm the space with rugs. Trying to figure out what "Honesty of materials" means though. Are you calling my materials liars?

Brendan & Marjory's Minimal Space with a View
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4/20/11 01:34 AM

I'm another one curious about the closet door mounting system. The slide track looks like IKEA mounting for curtain panels, but the mounting hardware on the top of the door is throwing me off. It looks awesome and I love the functionality of sliding doors. Being from SF they always feel like a modern twist on the pocket doors I grew up with(who's space saving usefulness I now miss desperately). If that is light weight track is the door itself Ultra Light MDF so it doesn't overburden the track? I would KILL to do this in my place. Mirrored 80's closet doors, I hatechu! *shakes fist*

Christopher's Mid Century Condo
4/16/11 11:28 AM

I want to roll around on the floor of your living room so badly! It looks so amazingly cozy. I LOVE the layering and I love that, akin to my own personal tastes, the color palette and overall look err towards the masculine, but the texture gives just enough femininity to balance it out. Seriously, if I bring my own sleeping bag can I move into your living room? I feel like it's better in there than out here.

Rich's Constantly Changing Home
4/16/11 11:10 AM

I've found that furniture on legs, even if it's only an inch off the floor, allows the eye to see the space underneath. It gives the feeling of seeing through the furniture instead of having a couch or something visually stop square footage in it's tracks.

5 Ways to Make Super Small Rooms Feel Spacious
4/2/11 12:31 AM

I have VERY similar cabinets and I used to hate them. They looked dated, too country, dark, and heavy to me. Without touching the actual cabinets (we're lucky to have real wood), I made a few changes AROUND them that changed their look entirely and now I LOVE them.
1) The front of a lot of appliances are typically removable panels that are black on one side (what yours is showing) and white on the other. Unscrew the edging and peek. If it's white on the reverse, flip it. White will break up the cabinetry better than the black and give a crispness that helps the cabinet color look it's richest.
2) Paint the walls. I discovered a color called Keystone Gray by Sherwin Williams (you can see it on their website). It's a warm dusty grayish taupe. For some reason the color was the perfect depth and shade to pull out the lovely just-barely-there, but much more modern orange-ish hue in the wood.
3.) After lightening and brightening the room by painting and reversing the appliance front panels we put down striped FLOR carpet tiles that we installed with the stripes running in a horizontal/vertical/horizontal/vertical pattern on the floor right in front of bottom cabinetry in a single long linear row running the length of cabinetry for some modern pop. Now I LOVE our kitchen and it was, at most, $100 for the carpet tiles and gallon of paint.

How To Update Outdated Oak Kitchen Cabinets?
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3/25/11 12:46 AM