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Here's another tip - leave whatever gloves you want to wear in your coat pockets, and hang the scarf off the same hanger/around the collar of the coat. Leave your hat/ear muffs/whatever where you can find them if you can't hang them somewhere visible. I love putting things away and all, but I'm not hauling a rattan basket off the shelf in the closet to root around for a hat/gloves/mittens in the morning.

Your Home Is Making You Late: Winter Survival Edition Apartment Therapy Home Remedies
3/12/14 03:52 PM

Yeah, see, when it's -30 or -40C out and the melted snow from yesterday's boots (what's left after tapping your feet off before getting in) evaporates and then freezes onto the interior of every window in your car, you need to let it warm up a bit, just to see out, because it's awkward and time-consuming to scrape all of that off (often after scraping all of the exterior windows off too). The fan rarely blows hot air at me before I get to work, but being able to see is often key if I want to go anywhere.

This winter my secret has been to send my impatient, non-driving husband out ahead of me to clean off the car and get it started for me. Perfect solution, really.

Your Home Is Making You Late: Winter Survival Edition Apartment Therapy Home Remedies
3/12/14 03:49 PM

I popped the recipe into Calorie Count, and this is what I came up with per cookie:

Serving Size 14 g

Calories: 72
Calories from Fat: 45

% Daily Value*
Total Fat: 5.0g (8%)
Saturated Fat: 2.7g (13%)
Trans Fat: 0.0g
Cholesterol: 0mg (0%)
Sodium: 18mg (1%)
Total Carbohydrates: 6.4g (2%)
Dietary Fibre: 1.5g (6%)
Sugars: 3.8g
Protein: 1.2g

Vitamin A 0%
Vitamin C 0%
Calcium 5%
Iron 5%
Nutrition Grade C+
* Based on a 2000 calorie diet

Gluten-Free Dessert Recipe: No-Bake Sesame Coconut Ginger Cookies Recipes from The Kitchn
9/26/13 09:35 AM

Banana "ice cream", semolina halva, those flourless banana and oatmeal cookies (I throw a bunch of other stuff in like cocoa, coconut sheds, chocolate chips, etc.), and this chocolate mug cake I used to make, a lot, until I realized how bad it was for me! Whoops!

10 Desserts to Know by Heart Recipes from The Kitchn
9/23/13 03:35 PM

We've already watched it, it was pretty good! Wish there were more cooking shows on Netflix!

Stream It on Netflix: The Mind of a Chef
9/13/13 03:07 PM

Ευχαριστώ Skaboula! I was scrolling down, preparing to tell these ξένοι that you just need to add a layer of λάδι on top, but you beat me to it!

And I just finished one of those XL tins of Kyknos brand tomato paste...because I'd put a layer of olive oil on top. It took me at least three different nights, spread out over a month or two, to finish it. And yes, the congealed olive oil went in each time (replaced by new, liquid oil), because what the heck would you even be cooking with tomato paste that wouldn't be enhanced by olive oil?

The Best Way to Save Tomato Paste
(And Use It Later) Tips from The Kitchn

9/13/13 02:52 PM

Canned salmon has bones/skin in it by default, which is not my favourite but does add nutrients. You can also buy boneless/skinless salmon, but it costs more.

I love making tuna salad sandwiches, but with canned salmon instead, always sprinkle it with dill, sometimes add capers or onions if I'm feeling fancy! Haven't used it in anything warm yet (my husband isn't a fan of salmon, period!) but he might eat it if I made fishcakes with it...

7 Ways to Eat Canned Salmon for Dinner
9/11/13 03:05 PM

I like the assumption that the reader will know what a banh mi is, but you feel the need to write "Greek doughnut bites" instead of loukoumades before the jump, because obviously no one's ever heard of that before and can't pronounce it, right?

Fried Pickles & Greek Doughnut Bites Delicious Links
8/7/13 12:33 PM

No advice but I live in Canada and I have the same damned light fixtures, only they're in the bedrooms of our two-bedroom apartment. They're not great, but I've seen worse.

How To Update Existing Dining Room Light Fixture? Good Questions
7/25/13 01:40 PM

If you have access to a microwave, this is amazing the next day as left-overs, and you can eat it cold/room-temp too: http://donair-heiress.blogspot.ca/2010/08/fassolia-yiahni.html. I'm making some tonight with local veggies, and I can't wait - it's one of my favourite things to eat in July, when the components are super fresh and tasty!

I'm Tired of Green Salads. Help Me Mix Up My Lunches! Good Questions
7/15/13 01:03 PM

@rms0172: I will often cut up my meat ahead of time - my husband and I often eat on the couch in front of the TV (I know, I know, the horror!), so I'll cut the meat up in the kitchen and leave the knife behind. I'll also often only use my knife if absolutely necessary - if I can cut my food with the side of my fork, I will. That may make my a philistine, but I wouldn't do it in polite company. (Sorry, it wouldn't let me reply directly).

Fork & Knife Skills: Is It Time to Retire the American Cut-and-Switch?
7/8/13 10:51 AM

Considering that my father taught me to pick up my meat and get the last scraps off the bone (using a steak knife to scrape it or, you know, worse), the last thing I'm thinking about is which hand my fork is in. I'm just trying not to pick up that chicken leg and gnaw off all of the tasty bits.

Fork & Knife Skills: Is It Time to Retire the American Cut-and-Switch?
7/8/13 10:50 AM

I'm a Maritimer (east-coast Canadian). Therefore I use pounds and kilos, feet and metres, inches and centimetres, teaspoons and grams; kilometres (but not miles), Celsius (but not Fahrenheit), grams not ounces. etc. My bacon comes from the pig's belly and not the loin or back, because I don't live in a part of the country where peameal bacon is popular or widely (let alone cheaply) available. I think George Washington is overrated, but then so is Sir John A. I have a compulsive need to insert the letter "u" into words Americans spell "-or", and think words like "meter" look silly unless spelled properly ("metre"). I also switch hands when cutting, as does my Greek father, and don't know any Canadians who don't. And yes, I was mocked by my pan-European friends in Greece for doing so, followed by my American friends teaming up with them to mock my accent.

There are few things I do better with my left hand than my right, and eating is one of them. Unless we're talking holding a chocolate bar while I use a mouse with my right hand, then I'm alright. I also find shoving food onto the back of my fork to be counter-intuitive and silly - I might as well stab each individual pea with a tine, or eat them with chopsticks. If I ever decide that Weight Watcher's alone isn't cutting it, I'll switch to Continental to slow myself down.

P.S.: I knit "English" style too, in case anyone was curious. Yes, I've tried Continental, and no, I never got the hang of it.

Fork & Knife Skills: Is It Time to Retire the American Cut-and-Switch?
7/3/13 03:21 PM

So it's just tzatziki minus the cukes and garlic, with extra herbs? I can handle that, although I'd probably still sneak some garlic in...

Summer Snack Recipe: Creamy, Cool Herbed Yogurt Dip Recipes from The Kitchn
6/12/13 01:29 PM

I prefer to have Nescafé made for the Greek market, so I can make a "proper" φραπέ, but I've found the North American stuff isn't terrible...the crema might not be as durable, but the flavoured stuff makes a nice change of pace, esp. the hazelnut one. I don't drink it hot but I grew up in a house where the only coffee I ever saw came in a big glass "Maxwell House" bottle...it might not be amazing, but at least it's fairly consistent?

Why I Sort of Love Nescafé Instant Coffee
6/11/13 03:32 PM

I think the North American stuff is freeze-dried, and the stuff elsewhere is spray-dried? Freeze-dried is supposed to be better for hot coffee, but it makes worse cold Frappes (you don't get the nice, foamy head): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frapp%C3%A9_coffee (I love frappedes though, seriously, especially a frappe με Baileys...τόσο νόστιμο!).

Why I Sort of Love Nescafé Instant Coffee
6/11/13 03:29 PM

Some faux-pas that aren't on the list:

1) Inviting someone to your shower, but not the wedding (I got lost on the way to the shower, damaged my car, and turned around after an hour, crying, because she'd sent out incorrect information; I met up with her in a parking lot later to give her the gift!);
2) Un-inviting someone from the wedding and dinner, because your dad told you to cut anyone whom you hadn't hung out with in the last year. You can't un-invite people, even if you want to (trust me, if I could have, I would have).

Wedding Etiquette:
5 Rules to Keep and 5 to Toss

6/11/13 03:01 PM

I agree, MonicaK! I might have gotten a thank you card for one wedding or shower gift in my life. Meanwhile, I have to pump out over a hundred hand-written cards, no input or help from hubby, to go to people whose addresses I don't even have. I'm down to the last few - people in the wedding party whose addresses I didn't have (because I didn't "invite" them, because they already knew they were coming), or family friends whose invites were handed out...I can't depend on family to do that because I asked an aunt to hand out the thank-you cards to her side of the family, and she didn't open the giant Ziplock bag full of them for like two months, because she "didn't realize" there were more in there than hers! What, did you not feel the need to open yours, or wonder why there was a stack of them, rather than an envelope full? I made a point of getting those ones out ASAP, but it made no difference. Which sucks because we got married in October and didn't get our pictures back from the photogs until MID-JANUARY. So I think "three months or immediately" is bull, it takes at least that long to get the pictures to put in them, sometimes...

Wedding Etiquette:
5 Rules to Keep and 5 to Toss

6/11/13 02:28 PM

You can find this in Middle Eastern shops. A local grocery store just started carrying it in their "ethnic" aisle, along with carob molasses and pomegranate molasses. Now if I could just get them to carry petzimetzi (grape must molasses), I'd be all set!

A New Natural Sweetener for Your Pantry: Date Syrup Ingredient Spotlight
5/31/13 03:19 PM

Make a Greek-style lamb fricassee with avgolemono sauce! It's one of my favourite meals...who would have thought romaine would be good in a soup? But it TOTALLY IS!

(I can't vouch for the quality of the following recipe, as my dad or uncles usually make this, not me, but it looks about right: http://greekfood.about.com/od/lambkidrecipes/r/arni_frikase.htm)

Don't You Dare Call Them Boring:
Hearts of Romaine Ingredient Spotlight

5/21/13 02:18 PM