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A 5.4 ounce beer glass?

Petite Picardie Glasses
7/9/14 09:35 AM

Some priceless kids' pictures: the baby looking up and the little girl reading a book.

Ian & Martha's Tasteful and Sentimental Home House Tour
6/17/14 03:34 PM

Love it!!

Dream a Little Dream: Our Tenth Anniversary Film
6/2/14 01:25 PM

Absolutely beautiful transformation. But I would like to see the before with the clutter removed.

Kitchen Before & After: A Cramped NYC Kitchen Gets a Chic Makeover Professional Kitchen Remodel
4/21/14 10:17 AM

The best I've found is nokout.


How To Get Rid of Industrial Strength Smells: Pet Urine, Damp & Smoke
3/25/14 09:35 PM

yaz831 is right. ???

Before & After: IKEA Hemnes Nightstand Gets an Inventive Upgrade
3/21/14 10:38 AM

I've enjoyed watching this renovation progress more than any other. Can't wait to see the grand finale.

Dan's Kitchen: Drywall Part 2 Renovation Diary
2/11/14 02:13 PM

Try Nok-Out (order online) for getting rid of nasty odors.

The Ten Commandments of Buying Used Furniture
2/7/14 10:45 AM

About 15 years ago I painted the untreated basement of my 100+ year old house with Behr Concrete Bonding Primer and the paint Behr 1-Part Epoxy Concrete and Garage Floor Paint. I don't know if these products are still available, but I'm sure they would have something similar. It was easy and turned out great; looks as good today as when it was first done.

How To Paint Your Floors and Not Screw it Up
2/3/14 01:31 PM

Why not just have a "Luxury Find" column and we will know before we read it that it will be something that's not in the mainstream daily budget.

Figue 15 Candle
1/5/14 10:51 AM

My library also has a huge book tree and now have a "guess how many books it took" contest.

Holiday Inspiration: Book Christmas Trees
12/10/13 09:56 AM

I have bought a number of pieces of art that I was not sure where I would put them at the time. We go to Art Fairs in the summer where you have to make your decision that day. Last year an artist from China returned and I was able to purchase a piece I had passed on three years ago and kept thinking about. I have not regretted any of them. I have given up deciding if it will "go", and just go ahead and buy things I love.

Following Your Art Heart
6/10/13 04:44 PM