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Hey! Thanks very much portlandy. I appreciate it. Hope all is well!

A Peek Into the Paleo Diet: Dinner with Philip & Leona
5/6/11 06:04 PM

Thank you for all the wonderful comments! And thanks again Bethany. The photos look great!

There is one more paragraph I wanted to squeeze into the interview but I understand why it wasn't included. You can read more on my site:

Diet is a very personal and polarizing subject... still, I enjoy talking about it very much. I feel Progress is rarely made without a bit of argument and I am interested in progressing everyday.

As far as the "questionable information" out there.. there is a food list online by Cordain which includes red wine, beer, vinegar and diet soda???? as things to be used in moderation. It's my opinion that none of these things have any place in a primal diet... or a modern diet. Cordain put a lot of information out early and he is certainly considered an authority... but some of his conclusions are logically wrong. We try to eat as organic and natural as we can.

You can find his list here:

Here are some informative sites for anyone interested:

I am an ultra marathon level runner and Free diver. My performance has changed so dramatically since moving to this diet It is difficult to fathom. The clarity as well is very special. The reason I eat the way I do is to live as long as I can as healthy as I can. Thank you!!

Also, Please don't infer that I lead a cult. That is untrue and unnecessary.

A Peek Into the Paleo Diet: Dinner with Philip & Leona
5/6/11 05:30 PM

evolutionarily speaking, 15,000 years is peanuts.... which, by the way, are not included on the diet either. Thanks for the comment about my blazer, way to keep it high brow. Just kidding, you seem like a very nice, intelligent person!

A Peek Into the Paleo Diet: Dinner with Philip & Leona
5/6/11 05:29 PM

Thanks for all the wonderful comments!! I wish I could show it to everyone in person.

Bethany, you are the best, we loved having you over and the pictures look great! I think the one of the upstairs facing the bed is my favorite ...I love them all!

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