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uh, this looks like a "BEFORE" picture. Not a fan.

Sarah & Craig's Surprising Kitchen Details Kitchen Spotlight
3/21/12 07:40 PM

If you live in Brooklyn, WHISK in Williamsburg exchanges them for $15. It's a great deal.

Is There a Cheaper Way to Refill Sodastream Canisters?
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10/26/11 05:08 PM

I also had reservations asking people to buy us things. We had already lived together for 4 years before we got married. So we decided to only register for items that we REALLY needed or wanted to upgrade from IKEA, or randomness that we both brought into the relationship. BEST DECISION EVER! Every day about 3 months before our wedding was like Christmas. I love throwing dinner parties now, because I'm not so mismatched. We didn't do "wedding china" we live in NYC and aren't exactly china hutch people. So we focused on every day needs. But beware some guests go rogue and buy you something not only off the list, but so random your like..."why did you think of me when you bought this?" We have a bowl that is ceramic and has large pointy sharp birds on it. it was so expensive, 4 people went in on it. It was handmade, so could not be returned anywhere. So...we turned it into a bird bath in our backyard. at least we found a use for the ugly bird bowl!

Making a House a Home Through a Wedding Registry
10/21/11 04:14 PM

In my experience, most food people love to drink as well. A bottle of port, or Fernet Branca, would be nice. Great "after dinner" drinks. and under $20.

Help! I Need a Host Gift Suitable for a Food Professional
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3/24/11 01:38 PM