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@st8ygold, in what world does a installing a new faucet save money and time over a couple rounds of spray paint?

i really like this. can you imagine what colors you could use!

Before & After: Spray Painting Bathroom Faucets
Addicted 2 Decorating

3/25/11 02:05 PM

but where's the bathroom?

Small Box House: Design for Flexible Living

3/25/11 01:50 PM

it's amazing how it looks so big and spacious! or, maybe living in a tiny studio is distorting my perception. anyways. yes. want.

Small Box House: Design for Flexible Living

3/25/11 01:49 PM

i'm with twincities: how does this attach to the ceiling?

A Floating Driftwood Jewelry Display
3/23/11 07:17 PM

hey, meredith here, with a shiny new user name (unlike the sink). thanks for all your comments!

about a day before this posted, i lost it and went ballistic on the sink with baking powder, a rag, and vinegar. WOW. even the paint spots came off afterwards when i picked at it with just my fingernail––which makes me think that some grime was UNDER THE PAINT-sheesh! it's tons better now, although still chipped in places.

i've also put large cutting boards over the drainboards when i'm not using them (which is almost always).

now: does anyone have any idea how to clean the steel cabinet underneath the sink? ha!

How To Improve Vintage Cast-Iron/Porcelain Kitchen Sink?
Good Questions

3/23/11 06:49 PM