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Campaign-style furniture always looks best in colors! It's amazing how you can really let your personality shine through with the color you choose. I'm usually a wood purist, but I will sign off on this any day. What a find.

Before & After: Brown Dresser Launches New Campaign
6/12/14 11:05 AM

I'm so inspired by this. Wonderful job.

Cory's Former Factory Loft in Berlin House Tour
2/25/13 03:12 PM

I want to get one of these, but now I have to get two?! I suppose you're quite right, though.

>starts saving her lunch money<

Hang-It-All Coat Rack by Charles and Ray Eames
2/25/13 12:06 PM

I believe that all of those comments violated the commenting guidelines. They were simply not on topic. Criticism of AT can be directed at the editors. This is all highlighted in the comment policy below.

Bigger is Better: Easy IKEA Sheepskin Hack
Old House New Tricks

2/25/13 12:05 PM

@LolaLalaBean I got one of these to use as a bed for my kitty, but instead his instincts kicked in and he attacked it incessantly.

Bigger is Better: Easy IKEA Sheepskin Hack
Old House New Tricks

2/25/13 11:46 AM

Wonderful! Might I suggest a good scrub of the bottom of your pans with some bar keeper's friend? Since you are displaying them and all.


Liveblogging Day 19:
Pegboard Before & After The January Cure

1/28/13 02:33 PM

Why do you need a media stand for a TV? I agree with others that wall mounting the TV and using the shelves for storage would be a better option than permanently altering a piece.

Is It Okay to Alter Family Furniture? Good Questions
1/21/13 01:49 PM

I love to display flowers next to my bed, especially if they are a gift from someone special. Just something very lovely to wake up to.

Day 3: Weekend Chores - Flowers, Floors, Green Cleaners & Outbox Apartment Therapy January Cure - Day 3
1/4/13 12:33 PM

I have bought lods of adorable boxes at the target dollar store. I have brochure (magazine) holders and other office supplies from Target that were under 5 bucks.

Get Organized: 7 Resources for
Stashing-Your-Stuff Supplies

1/3/13 09:28 AM

While I think these are thoughtful gifts, I think that generally kids don't appreciate 'design' gifts that you see at a lot of indie gift shops. They would rather play with mass produced crap, frankly. Disappointing, but true.

Best Gifts for Toddlers Apartment Therapy Gift Guide 2012
12/13/12 11:39 AM

The first season of Downton Abbey is streaming on Netflix! Talk about eye candy...

Sleep, What's That? The Five Most Addictive Shows on Netflix
12/3/12 11:52 AM

I would love to hire a bartender for a party! I hosted a pretty large party early in the summer for about 30 people. It wasn't in my budget to actually hire a bartender, so I made a list of three cocktails that were relatively easy to serve up and matched the theme of the Bon Voyage party. One was the aviation, I recall. Anyway, I tried to premix ingredients as much as I could. With a list of only three simple cocktails, I was able to keep up with the demand and party goers could help themselves to beer and wine. It was a more casual outdoor party, though. I had co-hosts and help too.

If it's not in your budget, I advise to make a menu of three cocktails and stick to it.

Tips for Hiring Party Help: A Bartender
11/26/12 12:03 PM

What a wonderful find. Kasey, I think you should use a gentle abrasive cleaner to remove any oxidation or tarnish. Look for one that is safe for metals like brass. After that, use a product like Brasso with a soft cloth to shine the hardware.

Cherry wood stain is definitely not very interesting for this piece. If the wood is nice, why cover it with paint? Perhaps re-staining it with a warmer and lighter stain would be the best solution. Something more "walnut" or "teak". A lighter color would bring to focus the hardware.

How To Spruce Up the Handles on Vintage Dresser? Good Questions
11/26/12 11:38 AM

This house is charmingly lived-in. Not staged lived-in, but I like that it's a little bit messy. My house certainly is. Cute!

Faith's Magical Bohemian Treehouse House Tour
3/7/12 12:17 PM

Did anone notice that beautiful bed o which the "artist" recovers? It was an upholstered silk headboard with a central. very large button gathering the fabric. To die for! So unique.

Reel Rooms: Oscar-Inspired Spaces
2/23/12 04:53 PM

The communal dorm kitchen was a disaster. People constantly left angry notes telling the women of our dorm to clean up after themselves like grown women to hexes put upon some the bitch who decided to slice into a freshly baked birthday cake. I myself left an angry note cursing the lady who stole my hummus and pita bread!

Group Living Isn't Easy: A Gallery of Snarky Notes and Post-Its
2/15/12 11:39 AM

I highly recommend Task Rabbit to find a person to do this task for you! Sounds like it is right up their alley.

Is There Such Thing as a Premium Housekeeper?
Good Questions

2/7/12 03:33 PM

Ooooooh. I like the space above the cabinets for cute storage. Red and green are very pretty together.

Cabinet Hardware: Pick out some cool hardware that you will incorporate into your future remodeling. It sounds like your interested in eventually changing the cabinets, so this is a great option.

Stencil your backsplase. Pegboard backsplash.

What Next For This Move-in-Ready Kitchen?
Good Questions

2/7/12 03:25 PM

Foxes! Also, giraffes, elephants and whales.

So Foxy: Put a Fox on It in 2012?
2/1/12 03:03 PM

These speakers are nice, but I don't mind quality vintage speakers (coming from a person who hates electronics).

Audio of the Future?: Transparent Speakers
People People

1/23/12 11:48 PM