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Zekep stole my comment! But lets get real, Romantic mode will never be used...

Id hate to be his roommate at 7AM with all the lights, noisy curtain opening and justin bieber.

BRAD: Berkeley Ridiculously Automated Dorm
5/3/12 04:34 PM

I do like the extra shelf for silverware, but really, will my dishwasher get sad when I dont accept its friendship request on Facebook?

Miele Futura: The Wi-Fi Enabled Dishwasher
7/27/11 02:01 PM

too bad they do not make the light up leash for large dogs. Rex will just have to keep his reflective leash for his morning walks.

4 Safety Products to Help Your Dog Light Up the Night
7/25/11 11:29 AM

Nanny Cam 2011

How to Use Google+ as a Free Home Surveillance System
7/21/11 12:30 PM

Why on earth would you block the view you have in photo one with a TV... that just ticks me off! But I don't mind TVs in the bedroom or on the bed! More power to em! You dont see articles about the fools that have TV in the bathroom or kitchen?!

Foot of Bed TVs: Tech Extravagance or Catastrophe?
5/19/11 02:45 PM

Does anyone remember the Ikea round bed....I have always wanted that bed, but were the heck would you sleep!?

#3 looks like an ikea knock off but cheaper quality (that is the joke)

On Beds that Look Awkward & Physically Challenging
3/23/11 10:41 AM