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Before & After: Galley Kitchen Gets Budget Makeover
7/1/13 10:07 AM


Chair Storage Ideas for Small Spaces
4/28/11 12:49 AM

Likin' the concrete bookend.

5 Clever & Small Painted DIY Details
4/13/11 10:47 AM

hahahahaha!!!! trisher, I'm right there with you :) I don't care what's listed under it, Anne (in Reno), you still have admit "Handjobs" is hilarious! It shoulda been "AJ's Exercise in Editing" his chalkboard! hee hee hee I just turned into a 6th grader again, too funny......oh, btw, the house looks great!

AJ's Exercise in Editing
4/13/11 10:43 AM

Guys! Guys! Guys! Why all the negativity?? Give Maxwell a break here. He went out and bought his first pair of fancy pants, oh, my bad, I meant fancy jeans, and he doesn't want to wash out the "good coolness". Now, what's wrong with that? Everybody does it (that's what the sales lady told him, and you KNOW she wouldn't EVER lie).
Didn't y'all notice the heavenly music that played during the second appearance of the "fancy" jeans? Weren't they just gorgeous?? They were BEAUTIFUL, and worthy of much needed freezer space; just throw the ice cream out, because if he eats any of it he won't fit into them anymore anyway.
Oh, and please, let's not forget how he gave us great instructions in the beginning: 1)lay flat, brush off (really?) 2)empty pockets (why, Lordy, whoda thunk?) 3)fold carefully & completely (holy s--t, genius!) 4)place jeans in bag (I'm glad that was explained) 5)tuck & press air out (good to know) and last, but not least....6)place in freezer (no comment needed here)
Now, I think the reason his fancy pants, oops, jeans, will stay clean is because they'll stay in the freezer. He doesn't know he's supposed to take them out. The sales lady didn't give him page 2 of the instructions.
My 50 gillion pairs of clearance GAP jeans will just have to be ok living smashed up in my dresser, since I'm not giving up any of my precious ice cream freezer real estate for anybody's clothes. This is absolutely stupid. close would anyone here want to get to the dude that wore his freezer jeans for 300 something days? I don't care about the bacterial levels, I care about the pee and ass smell levels that would burn the hair right out of my nose. Gross.

How to Freeze Your Jeans & "Clean" Them
Apartment Therapy Videos

4/4/11 02:44 PM

sounds like some of the posters here need a good "f--k, yeah" themselves!! ;)

Eff Yeah Interior Design Sources!
4/1/11 03:27 PM

Alert! Alert!
Garrett22 has a completely original house, it's full of brand new, never before seen items and innovative, groundbreaking home designs!
Garrett22, now do you see how your comment comes across? Why do you think so many people are on AT? It's so we can see great ideas other people had, great ideas SMART, CREATIVE people had so we can take their ideas and work off of them. That's the point, Garrett22. Geez. What a buzz kill.
The last time Cozylittlecave checked, you weren't living in her house, so you don't have to look at it, and therefore you don't need to make nasty comments about it. It's called "moving on to the next post" please.

The Crazy Colorful $16 Stairway Makeover
Cozy Little Cave

3/24/11 01:29 AM

Reading these comments was like watching a tennis match:
Stealing.....Not stealing.....Stealing.....Not stealing....Stealing.....
Ok, ok, OK!!!!! WTH guys???? Who here works for Behr? Who here can say for absolute certainty that she "stole" these from Behr and what damage she did?
There are some Behr experts on here that say those chips are expensive. Well, how expensive are they? I'm thinking they really can't be that terribly expensive because paint chips are ALL over the place at every friggin' store that sells paint.
Chartreuse, I actually chuckled when I read "thievery". Who the hell uses that word? You and Simplicit-me need to get together and pull the sticks out of each other's (bleep)

Well, ladies and gents (?), now that that's over with, I'm with ruru32; there ain't nutin' a good pair of DIOR sunglasses can't fix!
Cozylittlecave, you keep on keepin' on!!

The Crazy Colorful $16 Stairway Makeover
Cozy Little Cave

3/24/11 01:14 AM

reusing older furniture in anyway possible is my way to go. I'm in the process of redecorating a few rooms in my home and I have not purchased a single "new" piece of furniture. The pieces I bought came from local vintage shops and I had a couple of MCM chairs reupholstered.
I repainted some floor lamps I already had and added ribbon to the lampshades for quick upgrades.
In my opinion, a lot of the new furniture being made now doesn't hold a candle to the oldies but goodies in quality, so if I can find what I need in vintage, I'm all for repurposing (not to mention the environmental impact of reusing ;) )

Hot Tip: Modernize Traditional Furniture with Semigloss Paint
3/23/11 01:19 AM

AT, I think there's a typo somewhere must be $7.05 instead of $705. Right?


Accordion Lamps for Bedside Lighting
3/23/11 01:06 AM

Wow. After months of trolling this website, checking out the wide array of posts that displayed so many different tastes and talents and showcased so much hard work, I finally read one too many judgemental comments to ignore. You know, I don't consider myself an interior decorator, and I bet a large percentage of the commenters on here aren't either, but they sure do try to sound like it.
I know that I have spent hours and hours thinking about redecorating spaces in my home, and then spent additional hours and hours actually doing the work, not to mention the money I've shelled out, so it really gets my goat to read such negative comments from people that don't like other people's stuff.
I think that is SO RUDE, not to mention INCONSIDERATE. Kitschykitten worked hard to redo her cabinets, she spent a lot of time doing that, and she had to pay for those supplies. It's her house, she lives there, she likes her results, and so many of you guys logged on here just so you could trash her work. What were you thinking? It doesn't matter if you like her countertop. It doesn't matter if you like how she stores her groceries. It doesn't matter if you like her color choices. It actually doesn't matter if you like any of it, because if you don't, then shut up. She didn't post it on here for complaints, she posted for compliments and maybe some advice for other projects, not for what she already did.
What's that saying? If you can't say anything nice, then don't say anything at all.

Before & After: Alana's Painted Kitchen Cabinets
Kitschy Kitten

3/23/11 12:41 AM