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as a recovering alcoholic it would be nice to see a host/hostess gift guide not related to alcohol... and within a reasonable price range.

Holiday Buying Guide: Spirited Host Gifts That Don't Suck
12/8/11 12:59 PM

I was paying $600 for a studio in Rogers Park 10 years ago. Chicago rents are ridiculously high.

Affordability Report: Rents in Chicago

8/4/11 08:03 PM

Oh Yeah

Before & After: The Heard's Dashing Dining Room Re-do
7/22/11 07:25 PM

I found a Chinese robe from the Qing dynasty at the Salvation Army, in the lingerie section..., it was $1.50. It was amazingly beautiful, hand stitched delicate silk with a brilliant blue lining. I displayed it on my wall for a couple of years but had to sell it for financial reasons. I dream of it almost every day. here's a pic~

What Thrift Store Find Do You Treasure Most?
7/1/11 04:02 PM

that kitchen floor is amazing, but I really hope they change the wall color.

Put Material Samples to Use
6/28/11 09:24 AM

This may sound strange, but what about black?

Suggest Flatware To Match Versace China Set?
Good Questions

6/27/11 09:22 AM

I think it's beautiful.

Why Not? Install a Compass in Your Home
6/20/11 09:50 AM

that's how flatware is stored in restaurants. You'd need removable compartments so they could be cleaned easily and to not care about your forks getting banged up.

One Smart Idea: Vertical Silverware Storage
Better Homes and Gardens

5/31/11 09:52 AM

excellent idea Miss Moxie!

Adding Storage to a Vintage Bathroom
5/21/11 07:37 AM


Anna's Perfectly Painted Stair Runner
Take the Side Street

5/21/11 07:35 AM

Stunning and homey. Just beautiful.

Andrew's Parisian Remix
House Tour

5/21/11 07:33 AM

I like Lisa's suggestion.

How To Work With Green & Pink Bathroom Tile?
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5/17/11 08:18 AM


One Great Idea: A Paper Globe Turned Gold Chandelier
5/11/11 04:47 PM

Best House Tour Ever.

From Junk To Funk In Donna's Handmade Home
House Tour

5/10/11 09:52 AM

Yes, the color palette is nice. That bookcase looks strange there, the table is too small and the chairs look like they belong in a school lunchroom. Very nice looking room at first glance though.

Before & After: A Dining Room Goes from Bland to Grand
bova goods

5/9/11 08:32 PM

these are amazing! I especially love #'s 1, 8, and 9.

A Collection of Colorful Stairs
5/4/11 11:30 AM

beautiful space, love the colors and mood.

'Please tell me that is pleather on the couch...' seriously?? out of curiosity, what are your shoes and belts made of?

Will's Warm & Cozy
4/18/11 05:16 PM

I'm in love. Would it be rude of me to ask how much you pay in rent?? I need to get out of Chicago...

Ellie's Carriage House
4/14/11 03:16 PM


Before & After: An Empty to Efficient Workspace

4/5/11 04:01 PM

what makes you think they aren't original? I love the shape, they are fabulous chairs!

What's The Origin Of These Vintage Chairs?
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3/31/11 06:12 PM