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Beautiful houses! I worry about some of the impact they have on the trees they use for support though. And the one from 4treehouse is definitely not eco-friendly. Look at all that light pollution! If you must build in the woods be kind to all you sensitive nocturnal animal friends :\

18 of the World's Most Beautiful Treehouses
Mother Nature Network

11/25/11 09:33 PM

This would work with succulents more than cacti. For cacti you would have to have very good circulation in your bathroom and take cold showers (avoiding high humidity is key or the root system will rot). That is, unless you have no bright direct light. Then either will perish. And absolutely NO lithop succulents! They are VERY sensitive to humidity!

Succulent plants in the bathroom?
11/24/11 09:00 PM

Here we go again Apartment Therapy.
The bottom one is a monstera deliciosa, also known as a split leaf philodendron/swiss cheese plant/mexican breadfruit plant.

Look! Foolproof Houseplants
11/24/11 08:55 PM

This store is really cool ( I would know, I work next door to it). What I have an issue with is their incredible markups. You can find recycled wood and reclaimed wood on craigslist and ebay from local sources if you look hard enough. Buy the legs from a local hardware store and you basically have a table for 150$ as opposed to 3,500$. DIY is always an awesome option.

Urban House: Unique Furnishings from Reclaimed Wood
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3/20/11 07:15 PM