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I find the peppermint in Aveda's tea too strong for me. I have been brewing my own tea that is similar- sweet but milder- osmanthus flowers and licorice. Osmanthus is good for the complexion, a bonus!

Product Review: Aveda Comforting Tea
6/11/14 09:08 AM

Thanks for the motivating comments! I have just started to bring my own lunch but am not sure how long I am able to sustain this practice.

I started to bring my own lunch because it is the only way I can control my meals in a healthy way-- through portion and ingredients. In my country, eating out is actually cheaper than preparing your own meals, especially if you are cooking for one.

Since I do not like overnight food or cold meals, I prepare the night before and cook in the mornings (20 minutes) and everything goes in a thermal tiffin or a lunch flask. Not eating out eliminates all food temptations-- an unexpected plus in helping me lose weight.

The only downside is, there's a lot to clean up now that I am cooking and I spend a lot more time in the kitchen preparing the night before. The upside is, I have lost weight very quickly by just not eating foods prepared in unhealthy fats!

Learning to Actually Pack (and Eat) Lunch: 3 Tips from a Recovering Lunch Buyer
9/11/13 08:59 AM

The most beautiful tour!
Speechless in love!!

A Romantic Vintage Study in Berlin Roommarks
9/28/12 07:27 PM

The most beautiful tour!
Speechless in love!!

A Romantic Vintage Study in Berlin Roommarks
9/28/12 07:27 PM

This would brighten any girl's day! Love it!

Before & After: "Audree" Gets a Makeover The Fancy Farmgirl
6/30/12 05:16 AM

Classical music, cool air (or rain) and sparkly ginger ale in a vintage champagne glass makes me happy.

5 Simple Ways to Enhance the Experience of Dining at Home Alone Cooking for One
6/22/12 08:27 AM

This recipe works well with half tahini half almond butter too.

Recipe: Miso Tahini Dressing Recipes from The Kitchn
6/22/12 03:52 AM

My townhouse is built on the edge of a small forested area and was cleared for development this year. A civet cat sometimes climb up the pipes and live under my roof. I am sorry to have taken away his home. Sometimes he drags things around and my cat is suspicious of the rooftop activities. I live alone and panicked when I first heard the sounds.

A neighbor says that the civet cat has made its home under the roof a few townhouses here.

The Things You Didn't Know When You Moved In
9/22/11 06:14 AM