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These kitchens are so organized!

Apartment Therapy The Kitchen | Kitchen Spotlight: Open Storage in Small Kitchens
4/24/08 05:13 PM

I've gotten spices at street fairs in a couple different neighborhoods in Chicago from local producers like Valette - they ARE much better than most stores.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchen | NYC Shopping: Have You Bought Spices at a Street Fair?
4/24/08 05:11 PM

Wow, Kitchen Aid for the win! That is the first name I think of when I think of mixers, too. I don't actually have a mixer myself, but I've been looking into getting one (I'll be moving into a new place with a bigger kitchen soon, so I'll have the counterspace). Kitchen Aid is on my shortlist of brands, and so is DeLonghi (I recently got a DeLonghi coffee maker that I love!) - anyone have experience with any/all three of these?

Apartment Therapy The Kitchen | Survey: What Kind of Stand Mixer Do You Have?
4/24/08 05:07 PM

This is fantastic - and there's nothing like a classic daiquiri.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchen | Straight Up: DIY Simple Syrup
4/18/08 11:47 AM

I hope I'm not tempting fate by posting this, but I've been eating rare steak and burgers for years and I've never had an issue.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchen | Food Safety: Is It Safe to Order Hamburgers Rare?
4/17/08 01:27 PM

I concur with all the people here who say it depends on the color of your pet! That said, I have a black cat and light floors - a darker shade might cut down on the amount of visible fur (and the amount of cleaning I have to do), but my apartment is really too small for that to work.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | LA Survey: Light Floors or Dark Floors?
4/17/08 01:00 PM

That climbable sculpture looks really interesting and fun, idesign123.

Here are a few high quality swing sets that are still pretty attractive (all of them are on the classic side) - http://www.3luxe.com/category/Outdoor_Fun/Swing_Sets

Or how about sticking to wooden structures and toys for your yard? That might keep things from getting too cutesy, at least.

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | Good Questions: Modern Outdoor Play Equipment
4/17/08 12:51 PM

That is pretty gorgeous, especially the first picture. I love the idea of painting something interesting behind the bed to serve as a sort of headboard.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Blogging...Inspiration From CASA Korea
4/10/08 04:06 PM

The same method works pretty well for cauliflower as well - it's quick, easy, and tastes excellent.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchen | How to Steam Broccoli in the Microwave
4/7/08 06:27 PM

That is an all-around gorgeous home, and a great use of a National Geographic collection (definitely a magazine worth collecting!).

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Color Chip: Vintage National Geographic Yellow
4/7/08 06:19 PM

I like the lace! I never would have thought of that...of course, now I'm mentally making a list of all the ways that a ping pong table could be modified in order to make it more interesting/unusual. Ooooh, a new project!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | The Paul Smith Ping Pong Table
3/13/08 07:09 PM

This is beautiful* and reminds of a powder room that could belong to an old Hollywood bombshell type.

*And this is coming from someone who usually detests pink.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Look!: Powder Room Chandelier
3/13/08 05:47 PM

I kind of liked it, but I do live in Chicago so I might be a little biased - it was fun seeing them arrive in the city and such. And I'm always amused by Bourdain, so there's that.

Although, even though I'm a local, I almost never eat deep dish pizza unless I have out-of-town guests - I wonder how many Chicagoans seriously eat those gut bombs regularly.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchen | Top Chef Chicago: What Did You Think?
3/13/08 05:42 PM

I've never thought of using Absinthe/anise flavoring like that, but it looks interesting - and perfect for St. Patrick's day!

And as for the Guiness cupcake recipe skittlbrau posted - that looks wonderful! I would substitute Beamish (http://www.beamish.ie/) for Guiness though, it is a little sweeter and creamier and I bet it would be amazing with chocolate. Yes, I am a huge beer snob.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchen | Absinthe Cupcakes at Coconut & Lime
3/13/08 05:36 PM

Wow, those are gorgeous! I wish I was more...dextrous when it came to creating delicate things like this.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchen | Spring Treat: How To Make Golden Chocolate Easter Eggs
3/13/08 05:34 PM

I live in a pretty old apartment building, and although I do have a hood, it doesn't vent to the outside and if I don't turn it on while cooking, the fire alarm goes off within minutes. It does help dissipate cooking smells as well, so even though it is kind of loud and seems sort of useless at times, it actually does serve a purpose, especially if you cook with lots of garlic or other strong spices.

And there is the whole grease/cooking particle thing that Art already mentioned - a hood will probably cut down on the amount of cleaning you have to do, and anything that does that is a good thing, in my opinion.

Maybe you can get an interesting hood and use it to make some kind of decorative statement, like the one illustrating this post or one of these hoods - http://www.3luxe.com/category/Appliances/Hoods. At least then it could serve as a style element as well.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchen | Good Question: Do I Absolutely Need a Range Hood?
3/13/08 05:32 PM

I second nantarea's tip about the conditioner (or extra body lotion too, although it tends to make the tub a little slippery) - it works just as well as a rich shaving cream!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | 5 Things Cluttering up the Bathroom
3/11/08 06:11 PM

I actually don't hate the design, but that color! It looks like a kid's toy, and not in a good way.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Hot or Not? Karim Rashid-Organik Tub#comments
3/10/08 09:22 PM

This looks absolutely delicious - I don't know how I missed it either!

Apartment Therapy The Kitchen | Recipe Review: Sexy, Spicy Broccoli from The New York Times
3/7/08 02:26 PM

This is beautiful and very inspiring. Thanks for sharing!

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | Green Confessional: On a Budget, Compromise Affords Indulgence
3/6/08 04:22 PM