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My mom just bought me a new Oster blender/food processor and I tend to use ONLY ball jars when blending. It's so convenient to make personal smoothies, I never fail to make too much when using the regular blender bowl.

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5/13/14 12:17 PM

I was part of a large family who lived in small quarters ( 3 girls, 1 boy, for children) and there always happened to be a mix of genders sharing a room. So, I have shared a room with both my sisters and my brother at different times and I wonder why people are specifically pointing out that this is a good option because all three kids are boys. I just don't get why mixing genders would be a problem... to me, it was always an issue of "MY" space. As long as each child has their own space, I really don't think it matters what gender the kids are at all.

Fitting in the Fun: 3 Kids Sleep, Work & Play in a 15' x 13' Room Assortment
2/4/14 02:07 PM

I would like to add another vote for organic milk. I bought a half gallon a MONTH ago because I was having the same problem of never finishing it. It's still good, just don't drink out of the carton, you'll negate the effects of the ultra-pasteurization.

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11/19/13 11:13 AM

SEITAN!!!! I would eat seitan every god darn day if I could. It's super easy to make yourself too, the "Veggie Burgers Every Which Way" cookbook has a great recipe (and all the burgers in it are awesome too!).
Maybe tofu could be an with most things it all depends on how you prepare it. If it's a texture problem for him, you can try double-freezing the 'fu to give it a "meatier" texture. Just pop the whole container in the freezer, let thaw in fridge then put back in freezer until you are going to thaw for use. You still have to squeeeeze it like mad but it helps. Also, coating the tofu in cornstarch and salt(or flour+cornflour) and frying it in a little oil is a great way to make tofu appealing to the masses.

Healthy Vegetarian Recipes That Satisfy Even Die-Hard Meat Eaters? Good Questions
1/24/13 01:26 PM

Sometimes the only/best way to keep warm is to invite the pup up on the couch to snuggle. When I was growing up we didn't like the dogs on the couch, mostly because there weren't even enough chairs for family members but every morning you could still feel the warm spot from where they slept on the couch all night. As previous readers mentioned, once the pet is in the house the hair battle is lost, so oh well.

Pets On Furniture: Yay or Nay?
9/25/12 01:56 PM

Stains!!! We have unfinished (i think) concrete counters in our rental kitchen and pretty much anything stains them. Lemons leave the worst ones I have encountered, so annoying to try and keep pristine for the next tenant. Hopefully the landlord understands the pros and cons of concrete and we don't get charged-probably not though.

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5/3/12 04:06 PM

I got the Mr. Bento lunch jar last year but haven't been inspired to use it much. It does have some great features... two of the lids screw on (insulated?) and work well for soups, you can use the canister w/o using all the containers. But but but, to me, the outer canister is HUGE and isn't worth it, especially if you are biking, just takes up too much room in a bike bag (or any other bag). I now use ball jars with knitted cozies-to cushion the jar-and haven't looked back. But if you live in Philly and want a Mr. Bento-you can have it, I am no longer interested in Mr. Bento :-)

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2/24/12 08:20 AM

I sometimes double-freeze my tofu, it gets even spongier and adds a different texture than even extra-firm and once-frozen tofu. I don't really like the smooth feel of non-frozen tofu so this trick has changed my life!

Chef's Trick: Firm Up Your Tofu
9/29/11 03:16 PM

I guess my story really doesn't shine a light to any of these, but just graduating from my M.A. program after going straight through meant 6 years of moving, EVERY YEAR. If that doesn't stink enough...
There was one year where I had to pack up everything loose in my small Saturn because my roommate left the cardboard boxes outside-in Syracuse-where it rains.pretty much. Not bad as I only had to move across campus, but I had to move a week early. So I loaded everything into the attic of my new place-which was supposed to be secured with a key only the landlord and I had. I then crashed on a couch for a week waiting to move in only to find that almost everything I owned was pilfered or gone through. Furniture, movies, books, even underpants-nothing was sacred! Of course the landlord didn't know anything about it and the kids living there had already left so I spent a summer/semester with no tv, kitchenware and most of my clothes, amongst countless other things. I am still irritated about that one.

What's Your Worst Moving Horror Story?
8/2/11 02:09 PM

I use an old super dark green champagne bottle with a slightly smaller cork (from a wine bottle) to keep it closed, paired with a simple bright blue glass tumbler.

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3/18/11 10:54 AM