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I admire the use of color, but is the fireplace non-working? I can't imagine not facing our fireplace. Also, are there no small appliances in the kitchen?

Suzannah & Jason's Did-it-Themselves Townhome House Tour
11/14/13 04:41 PM

I find it humorous that those who are most scornful of the conventional manners assume that those of us who do practice good table manners must be repressed and depressed (and popping pills no less!)

Elbows on the Table: Yes or No? Reader Survey
4/20/12 04:21 PM

Dear God. Cake vodka.

Easter Basket-Inspired Recipe: The Jelly Bean CocktailThe 10-Minute Happy Hour
4/6/12 04:52 PM

Those knifes hanging halfway down the wall make me extremely nervous, no matter how well they're secured. That's just freaky looking.

A Cozy Kitchen with Modest Updates
Posie Gets Cozy

11/21/11 12:14 PM

Start baking with almond flour and coconut flour.

On Saying Goodbye To Baking & Hello To — What?
7/18/11 03:48 PM


What Kitchen Cleaning Product Can You Not Live Without?
7/18/11 01:57 PM

I am a simple girl: Jack Daniels, neat - except when I have a cold, and then I make a toddy out of it.

Straight Up, No Ice: 4 Steps to Drinking Whiskey Neat
5/26/11 04:09 AM

Yay for LuluParis - Chicago is my home, too, and I LOATHE kettle chips. I'm a Vitners fan, though :)

What's the Deal with Kettle Chips?
5/6/11 03:07 PM

I make my own crackers because the only type of flour I eat is almond flour (I'm diabetic). I use all of Elana Amsterdam's recipes and it couldn't be easier.

Make or Buy? Crackers
5/6/11 02:54 PM

That first one is giving me bad 1980s flashbacks - like I want to go and find an OP shirt to put on.

Primary Color Kitchens
4/27/11 11:53 AM

@Janis: I was just listening to her audio performance of "Giving Up God" and she had a funny story about how her mom said, "I don't care if you tell people you don't believe in God, but must you be an ATHEIST?!" :)

Survey: Do You Use Box Mixes?
4/25/11 01:08 PM

I'd use a mix if I could find one that uses almond flour and is sugar-free (I'm diabetic). Otherwise I'm resigned to making everything from scratch. God bless Elana Amsterdam! :)

Survey: Do You Use Box Mixes?
4/25/11 12:54 PM

LOL @ all of the jealous men getting bent out of shape.

Living Large in an Airstream Trailer
House Tour

3/17/11 06:13 PM