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Short answer to the post title. No.

Is This the Apple Television Steve Jobs Imagined?
11/1/11 06:41 PM

I don't like the bodum travel press. It is terrible for letting tea leaf bits into the rest of the tea. I have used the Copco and like it. The best option probably is a tea ball though. I don't like the ikea tea ball with a handle though because it is hard to clean and it also lets tea leaf bits into the tea.

Help Me Find a Portable Loose Leaf Tea Infuser
Good Questions

8/25/11 04:11 PM

I woke up a few minutes before 6 am. I checked hp.com. They were sold out. Amazon, didn't have the reduced price. Newegg didn't have the reduced price. Walmart had the reduced price, i selected the option to pick up in my store. My local WM opens at 7am. I paid for it online. Picked it up at 11am. They were out of 16gb on the shelves at that time and had about 3 of the 32gb left. I had to come back two hours later for something else, hey I live in a small town, they were completely out then.

HP Touchpad $99 Firesale: Did You Get One? We Sure Tried
8/22/11 02:42 PM

Only 160 internal in my MacMini, but I have 5tb of external storage (1 x 1.5tb, 3 x 1tb and 1 x 0.5tb). I am tempted to add another 2tb with the low price external drives have hit in the last couple of weeks.

What's the Average Size and How Do You Measure Up?
7/25/11 03:22 PM

My old GPS was Daisy, as in Driving Miss.

I use my phone now and it doesn't have a name.

The Complete Guide to Naming Your GPS Unit
6/7/11 10:40 AM

I would think romantic activities would be a challenge in that space.

Small Living in a 90 Square Foot NYC Microstudio
4/4/11 11:26 AM

My cousin had one of these. I think it originally had 2 or 3 shrimp in it. The first two shrimp died the first year. The third shrimp, or it appeared to be the same third shrimp, lived for several years.

Living Beauty: Complete Ecosystem in a Glass
3/17/11 02:12 PM