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I would do a set of stairs...they are georgeous...you could even "stair" them someplace for art/plant displays.....

What Should I Build With These Wood Beams?
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7/8/11 11:31 AM

We have a cabin we go to on weekends and I have made this up ahead...only to just add scrambled eggs at the end.... Cook bacon, sausage, onions, peppers, musgrooms...whatever you like.....set aside and mix with hashbrowns you purchase by the bag...don't cook the hashbrowns. Put this mizture in a large ziplock...then camping morning, throw it in a frying pan and warm thru...add scrambled eggs. Toss some cheese on top if you want and voila! Very hearty...and it can be adapted to any ratio of things you like...but all the messy work is done at home. Packs well too.

Great Make-Ahead Foods for a Camping Trip?
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5/5/11 09:52 AM

We have a sight in Canada that offers up deals and couponing....and a blog that offers you an area to "brag"....it seems that alot of extreme people up here are purchasing and then DONATING the items. I don't see as much stockpiling here.

Weighing in on Extreme Couponing
4/18/11 08:45 AM