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I found #5. It's Christian Haas:

Various knotted versions for sale at:
The first piece I looked at cost $1700. Wow, really? Maybe the rope is expensive? I'd be interested to find out where it can be purchased.

And no, it doesn't look like a bra.

Ropes, Knots, & Lights: Sailor's (& Citygirl's) Delight
7/23/11 03:42 AM

There should be more indoor pools like the sutro baths. All the fun of a swimming pool, no UV exposure, no sunburns.

Swimming Pools & The Perfect Bathroom Blue
4/25/11 06:09 PM

Daiso Japan stores have something similar in various sizes, styles and number of pages. Everything in the store is $1.50 unless marked otherwise - I bought a 40-page version for that price. The binder is 1" thick which is sort of odd - perhaps it's the same as the one on here, but it's impossible to tell from the pictures.

Daiso stores in the Bay Area/Seattle:

They have a limited selection online (the one I bought isn't on there):

Organized Inspiration: Creating Binders of Favorite Photos
3/16/11 02:55 PM